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Here is a wonderful testimonial of how a man addicted to drugs found God.


5 thoughts on “Finding God Got Me Off Drugs

  1. While we are here, let us share the Love of the Spirit of God. The Son of God will pray to the Father, that we may have the Spirit of God, for a Teacher, and Comforter, Forever in the bible book of John, chapter 14, verse 26. The Messiah has not left us alone, He Has given us John, chapters 14, 15, and 16, to learn how to become born of Spirit, and Truth Forever… Peace

  2. I can see your light shines from your can see the anointing of the Holy not let that is the most amazing feeling of our existence..thank you for sharing…Hello Paul..

  3. Wow. Amazing life’s story! Thank you for getting together to share! Especially thanks to you, Ron, for your willingness! May the Spirit of YHWH fill each of your homes. Shalom!

  4. Ive been addicted to heroin for over 23 yrs, I got clean in 2013 for nearly 2 yrs and was put on medication, ( subotex, which is a blocker for heroin ) , in December 2014 my dog died, my ex poisoned her and after she died I started having strange dreams, they always seemed about my dog and they seemed like something was warning me about something, because she,d not long died I put it down to grief, then one night I dreamt I was having a conversation with god, , in my dream I was sat on a sofa making a cigarette and as I opened the pouch of tobacco I saw 3 or 4 white marbles inside it, and for some reason I said out loud “” god,, why have you put white marbles in my baccy “” I then walked to my bedroom( still dreaming ) opened my wardrobe and saw more white marbles inside my wardrobe, , I remember saying out loud again “” god, why have you put white marbles in my wardrobe, ,, why are you leaving white marbles everywhere, I then woke up,
    After a few days I kept thinking about this dream, and wondering why am I all of a sudden dreaming about god, id turn on my tv and things would come on about religion, I couldn’t understand it, I had never ever ever been religious, growing up religion played no part in my life or any of my families lives, so why all of a sudden am I dreaming about god, in the end I went to church and explained to the pastor about my dreams and that I felt like I was being drawn to church, and she pointed out a part of the bible in revelations, to he that over cometh I will give him a white stone with a new name that only he will know, I was shocked, so I started going to church and reading the bible, after several months I moved and couldn’t get my medication sorted out for a week and without it I knew I would with draw and be really ill so at the time I felt I had no choice but to use, I was staying with my mum and my brother in a 2 bedroom flat which was small so with all 3 of us living there I felt I should move out as soon as possible, I went to the local council and knowing I didn’t have any children I knew it would take a year or more to get me housed , within 12 weeks I was given a brand newly built one bedroom house with a shed, garden, 6 foot panel fencing, I just knew it had something to do with god, and to top it all my road was sycamore gardens, ( sycamore in the bible means the way to jesus) and my landlord is called sovereign housing, in the bible god is called sovereign lord, and on the corner of my main road is a pub called the angel, also I had been in one of there properties 18 yrs ago with my ex and at the time he had knocked the lounge wall down to build an arch , to make the 2 downstairs rooms adjoining, when we moved out apparently because we hadn’t had planning permission it had cost them 1000s to put it back, it was still the same lady that had worked for sovereign back then and when I went to the council and was offered this one bedroomed house she had remembered how much it had cost them to put right, I should never had been given that house so I knew 100% that it was for the grace of god that id got it, anyway I moved in and kept trying to get clean then on the 16th August 2018 I laid my head on my pillow, and I could hear what sounded like people screaming in my right ear, people screaming, , “” help me,,, help me,, “” all of a sudden everything went black I couldn’t feel my body, I couldn’t feel my bed I was in comlete blackness, I couldn’t scream I couldn’t speak all I could do was speak in my mind, and I felt like I was falling, I remember screaming with my mind “” jesus help me,, please jesus forgive me, forgive me for my sins im sorry I repent,, “” next thing I see 3 lights far off in the distance, I remember thinking “”oh no whats that,,, whats happening now,, “” all of a sudden these 3 lights got nearer and I saw the 1st light was an angel, directly behind the first angel was 2 more angels side by side and between the 2 back angels was a pair of hands outstretched towards me, it was a man in his late 30s, golden brown shoulder length wavy hair, full beard and moustache, as he grabbed me he said Sharon remember James and Mathew, or Sharon remember James and mark, I couldn’t remember the last name he’d said for me to remember, next thing I was back in my bed, I cryed on and off for ages I was scared yet emotionally honoured all in one, even at the fact he’d knew my name, me ,,,a drug addict, I couldn’t believe it, he’s real and I can’t even believe im even saying this, im petrified and know I have to get clean id just like to say please anyone reading this or watching this video jesus is real and gods real please start reading the bible because thats the only way to get to know him is by reading it,

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