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Recently scientists have published work on the visualization of dynamic polaronic strain fields in hybrid lead halide perovskites in the Journal Nature Materials. Polarons operate on very short timescales (trillions of a second) as distortions in a materials atomic lattice form around a moving electron. This distortion very quickly forms and then disappears. Scientists have theoretically predicted this effect of the polaron years ago, as fleeting as they are, may affect a materials behavior and may even be the reason that solar cells made with hybrid perovskite material achieve extraordinarily high efficiencies in the lab. Researchers at the Department of Energy SLAC National accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University have used an X-ray laser to measure the formation of polarons for the first time. These experiments are the first to observe the formation of the local distortions including their size, shape, and how they are formed. In the book of Joshua we interestingly find a parallel to these things, read more here:

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