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I introduced my friend Chris to the Durian Fruit. Check out his reaction. Also the opinion of others who have tried it.


21 thoughts on “First Time Reaction to Durian Fruit

  1. so you’re basically telling a guy from US to fly all the way to Malaysia just to taste Durian? LOL. No doubt Malaysia has the best durians in the world.

  2. my fave fruit other than longan,
    opened durian is not good, it will windy and not as good as unopened one
    and if you want your hand lose it smell after eat it, pour the water inside the inside skin then wash your hand in it

  3. durian is a unik fruit… but plz don’t drink softdrink and beer or something with alcohol in it….. it will blow your stomach…. i’m indonesian.. and we love durian fruit

  4. i am indonesian. live in indonesia and i eat durian hundreds of times.. i like it so much.. its the most delicious fruit for me.. zero cholesterol and a lot of fiber… but one thing is, not all durian is delicious, some are bad, make sure u bring person that can pick durian before u buy it for the 1st time, then after that u know how

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