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32 thoughts on “First Time Tasting Jackfruit

  1. Oh..Jackfruit is my most favorite fruit..But i cannot eat this a while Im here in Russia. This Jackfruit is season now in my home land at Philippines… Thank you…

  2. Wow, here in Kansas City you can get Jackfruit for $1/lb at the Asian market. I could never afford one at the prices you mentioned! Jackfruit is my favorite. I have 2 in the kitchen waiting for me right now. I’ve never seen one opened with bare hands like that though! The ones I get usually aren’t too latexy anymore, but they do require a good knife to get into. Well worth it. I’ve only gotten to try cherimoyas/sugar apples once – found a couple at Whole Foods and was so excited, but they were really gross, inedible. I was so disappointed, I’m toning maybe they were not ripe, even though I waited for rhythm to get softer. Probably have to be closer to where they are growing.

  3. The squelchy variety of a jackfruit is by far better than the crunchy variety … personal opinion … anyway, please try the alphonso variety of mangoes, they ‘re the best …

    • in GCC we are lucky that we can eat most of these fruits which imported from south west India especially Alfonso mango, Custard apple, Papayas, Bananas . it is all from blessed Indian forests! God bless the Hands picked these fruits.

  4. $40 !!!! I told the lady at the register this morning to send it back after she told me $25 😂
    Ps the little girl said the sugar apple taste good but her face said something else lol

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