First time trying durian fruit reactions

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47 thoughts on “First time trying durian fruit reactions

  1. Never tried it, i don’t think we can get it here in the UK. Great video though, loved watching the expressions on their faces on the first tasting.

    • +meeei85 Exactly, I’ve been to Thailand and I tried fresh, ripe durians. You know… the real stuff. I just wanted to recommend some alternatives for +jezzyby47, because he probably can’t go to exotics so easily and all the products made out of durian don’t worth a try. They taste like an old, rancid, fried onion… BTW I can’t wait to come back there and have some more durians. I’d really like to go to Brunei, I’ve heard they have some of the best durians on the planet. What do you think?

  2. In Malaysia and Singapore, the locals and the street vendors never picked the durians from the trees. The locals only harvest durians that dropped naturally, which signifies that the fruit is at its best taste and smell. Sometimes I really feel bad about people living in other countries wanting to eat durians. Those durians bound for other countries are always plucked when they are not really ripen and frozen so that it can be delivered on time for the “ripeness” when it reaches the supermarket of those importing countries. If you guys really want good durians, you guys should travel to malaysia or singapore and try to eat the Musang King durian (the best of the best)

  3. Good day Sir, I just want to share how to remove the smell from your hands by putting water into the durian shell then wash your finger then the smell is gone..

  4. try to eat a lot, then you shall fart smelling durian, .. be careful when plumpness make you dizzy….do not eat after or before you drink alcohol, .. very dangerous!

  5. Throw one flesh inside the aircon duct and the whole building will smell like gas leaking…..Durian is aircon greatest enemy…..that is why it is ban in public transport

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