Why Have We Lost The Fear of YAHWEH – Five Components/Elements of The True Fear of YAHWEH in YAHSHUA – Why

The Ground Work Must Be Laid – The Whole Duty Begins With Fear
KOHETET – ECCLESIASTES 12:13 Let us hear the conclusion {sofe} of the whole matter {daw-baw' speech, word, speaking}: Fear {yaw-ray'} YAHWEH, and keep HIS Mitzvoth: for this is the whole duty {mish-meh'-reth' charge, function, obligation, service, watch} of adam.

Composition – Riches – The Blessings of The Fear of YAHWEH

Reward of The Fear of YAHWEH
MISHLE – PROVERBS 10:27 The fear of YAHWEH prolongs {yaw-saf' to add, increase} days: but the years of the wicked shall be shortened.

SIRACH 1:12 The fear of YAHWEH makes a merry heart, and gives joy, and gladness, and a long life.

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6 thoughts on “Five Components/Elements of The True Fear of YAHWEH

  1. I will transmute the 5 elements into a form of Torah these five elements that are being transmuted are the negative effects created when the laws are violated. These 5 elements will manifest into 5th dimensional reality and blanket the city of New York and Long Island.

  2. Thosew who are possesed with the spirit of Antichrist will be smothered in the 5 transmuted elements. Those who are foreign to the city will be rejected from the city. Those who are of the city and state will remain ensnared in the 5 elemental powers and bear a mark identifying them as antichristo. They will be rejected very strongly meaning physically as well as spiritually if it ever occurs to them to plot or test their fates and threaten the lives of many with their thoughtless mindless actions and desires.

  3. The energy will be at its most overwhelming around my family and love our homes our paths or where ever we traveled too I will create a space where you will not be welcomed this space will take the form of a tomb a tomb measuring 200 blocks top and bottom and 400 blocks on the sides reaching up into thr firmament with it being its lid. You will be rejected very strongly inclusing physically I command it with my word that the area are made clean and free of the anti christ possesed ones for today and tomorrow

  4. You know what happens to Debo when a wave measuring 10 ft crashes on him, debos gets washed away that’s just ten ft. I dont want to go into winds either debo could end up in Europe for free God is Good he is humble too.

  5. If you don’t fear something that should be feared you will continue to deep and poke only to find a well with a power that is best left undisturbed and left in peace.

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