Michael Rood welcomes speaker and author Bruce Malone who has spent the last 25 years bringing the scientific evidence for creation to churches and colleges throughout the United States including eight foreign countries.

One of the biggest heresies taught across denominations in the church today is that the flood of Genesis was just a small local event. It is the most widespread belief about this area of scripture in Genesis, chapter 6-9. These verses reveal that this flood was a catastrophic global event, destroying all living things on the earth except for Noah and those on the ark.

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2 thoughts on “Flood Fallacy

  1. In support of the case you make about the flood being global rather than local is that the world was a very different place at that time. The landmass was all one, known as the Pangaea, not yet divided up into continents that happened after language was confounded and people were divided up into different people groups. Realizing this makes it easier to realize that the flood was a worldwide event.

  2. I used to live in FT.Worth Tx. I would find huge Conch shells. They were larger than any Conch shells today. The flood was real. The Ocean was quite a distance away from Ft. Worth.

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