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21 thoughts on “Follow What Works

  1. Thank you for this good talk. I cured my CHF heart disease I was 52 at diagnosis. Now I made it to 60! Hallelujah Praise G-d!! I believe that diet helps us live a good healthy life, but the L’rd only knows how long we will live really. G-d bless y’all!

  2. I would take your advice I remember one u first started , u have for such along way I seen your first video ,by the way u look better with your beard lol ,

    • I think Paul looks beautiful either way….he is completely handsome from head to toe…. inside and out…..I swear if I ever get to meet Paul he is going to get the longest hug from me… ..😍😇😁

  3. Hopefully I can get off the pharmaceutical drugs I’m on, I’m on abilify injection and depakote pills. I want to be as healthy as possible, unfortunately I’m being coerced to take these drugs.

  4. WiFi could be the culprit.. we are bombarded with dirty airwaves. The Gerson therapy has helped so many, it does heal. Toxicity in the body, emotional and physical. It’s so sad how many suffer. :/

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