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22 thoughts on “Follow Your Bible, Not Your Pastor!

  1. I must say amen. When Yeshuah said if you love him you will keep his commandments, it does not mean that it is a requirement but if you are saved, you should have the desire to do so. When he died for our transgressions and he told everyone to preach his word, letting everyone know who he is and baptizing everyone in the name of the father, son and holy spirit, it wasn’t a work-to-earn sort of thing; it was a (deal that must keep going on from generation to generation, even when your time here on Earth ends). Think of it like a job; if the job you work for is paying you money to have food on the table, for goodness sake make an effort and do the work; you’re already being paid, but people think now a days nah I don’t want to do the work, I just want the money, but their result is *buzzer* next! Spiritual-walking Jesus and keeping his commandments is like riding a bike: when you sin purposely your fall off the bike, but that doesn’t me give up and keep sinning; it means get back on and keep riding that bike all day long: practice makes perfect! Yeshuah knows and understands you have your daily labors he gets it; but find the time he’s patient, but yes time is running out. We are sinners no one is perfect, but there’s a difference between holy sinners and worldly sinners: holy sinners choose life over death, whereas worldly sinners do vice versa. Plus if a holy sinner does what he or she wants, he or she loves our creator so much to keep his commandments and the torah and is mindful of them; this does not mean that the holy sinner is walking with Yeshuah and holding hands with Satan at the same time, it means that the sinner is trying its hardest to be on the right path. Yeshuah said that when he removes the gospel from stone and paper to put on our hearts, that means he is removing the training-wheels from that bicycle because you’ve already mastered it, but that won’t stop you from facing the upcoming obstacles in the way. How can we use that name Yeshuah instead of Jesus? If you (think) you are saved, can you confess and repent for your transgressions and truly love our creator so much to keep his guidelines, instructions, and commandments? The answer is Yeshuah (yes you are) forgiven and Yeshuah (yes you are) already being saved. We can never be beyond forgiveness because that is pride; Yeshuah is forgiveness so that means forgiven is the limit not beyond forgiveness because you don’t know if you’re going to sin again. Some pastors do teach the torah, but mostly we shouldn’t rely on someone to walk this holy lifestyle; it’s something you have to discover for yourself. The bible inspires but if you put more perspiration into it, inspiration will spark from within you; and no matter what anyone tells you if you keep digging and keep looking, you’re going to find it, and then you’ll have the answer with you!

  2. I believe many if not all christian churches teach the wrong doctrine. To even say that they do not have to keep commandments, is total misleading. Feel happy to have had the privilege to get the proper teaching of the entire bible. ,and keep all 10 commandments. But i grew up ,not in us. to this day teachings are the same. where I came from. Have learned years ago how different is the christianity here. Thank you as always. for your wonderful teaching. The true Word of God.

  3. It is sad, how the 10 commandments were changed, but all followed except one who keep Shabbath forever.( more exactly only 2). I was called some names because of my Shabbath, but it can not get to me.

  4. for more on the Melkitsedeq Order, check out “the melkitsedeq connection” from passion for truth ministries, it’s amazing and the scripture that backs it up!

  5. Greetings Health Watchman,

    How is it that you don’t you understand the reason it is difficult to go the way of the narrow path? Does it have to do with keeping His instructions, or is the narrow path difficult for other reasons? Could the difficulty come from the lack of many to walk with which results in isolation, or from loss of family and friends, etc.? How about being mocked, persecuted, and even killed by those on the wide path? Are these just some of the difficulties experienced by choosing to walk the narrow path, the path of Torah?

    Yarah shalam,

  6. Thank you for yours videos Paul ! but Paul is it a sin to have portraits or posters of flowers on the walls? or plastics roses flowers ?

  7. Shabbot Shalom, Christianity has a veil over there eyes I show them pauls writings as well and they still don’t believe, May the Most High Remove the veil from there eyes and Baruch them and have mercy mercy on them !

  8. My daughter is disobedient, but I love her very much. And I will always love her. If God is our father, then his love is greater than any father that ever lived, no matter if we obey him or not. My daughter’s mother decided to raise her without punishment, and her mother left me because I was controlling and believed in punishment. There is evidence that punishment is a violent way of responding to someone. We are supposed to control our temper and see past judgements of character, and instead look at the feelings and needs of people. I find the study of Non-Violent communication most spiritually inspiring and practical to maintaining good relationships. The key is having empathy, which is about discovering feelings and needs.

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