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For The Best Digestion Eat At This Time

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27 thoughts on “For The Best Digestion Eat At This Time

  1. Yes you are absolutely right. Even Mahatma Gandhi has suggested this long ago. I am also personal beneficiary of this piece of advice.

  2. Hi Paul, thank You for that informative video. I started that kind of eating style (intermittent fasting) 2 years ago and I love it. But I have my window between 11AM – 5 PM. And I eat from light to heavy. I don’t eat meat, I’m mostly raw about 80%, I eat much fat at that last meal (coconut at any form or avocados with greens, etc..) I learned from Kimberly Snyder that is better for digestion eating light to heavy because we have so much hours to work for the last meal, so we wake up “clean” but when we eat heavy, big breakfast then we clog our body with next meals. It seems quite logic to me…. On the other site: Tonya Zavasta eats from morning to 2 PM! And she is living example how great it works for her 🙂 I’m confused what is better. What is Your opinion about that?

    • +John Mal Yes, you can do this. I use to be just like you, I would have to eat before I went to bed, and sometimes woke up for a midnight snack! but I changed my diet and started detoxing, I think my body was previously starving for nutrients despite the amount of food I had to eat. I also do things to relax in the evenings such as turning of electronics and turning down lights. I play games with my family, read the Word, and spend time in prayer and reflection…being filled spiritually instead of physically. You CAN do it!

  3. Yahshua had long hair! just as Apsolam and all the prophets and teachers!

    Yahweh desires for men and women to not cut the hair!

    So days Yahweh!
    may Yahweh give you all the desires of your hearts, bless y’all.

  4. The daylight raw vegan diet works! Thank you Paul. I stop eating before the sun goes down at around 630. And it’s amazing how I used to think I needed to eat way more than I actually do. I have so much energy now I wake up at 5am without an alarm and can go on a 6K run first thing. It also taught me to respect our natural circadian rhythm and I find myself naturally getting sleepy when it gets dark.

  5. thank you Paul, what about if one works til late; like a friend he works til 11:30pm and when gets home. needs to eat still; only eats twice a day; can not get much at work to eat; then he sleeps 3am;
    what is the best things to eat for his schedule? Thanks much !!

  6. cooking does help release some nutrients and breaks down cell walls which makes it easier to digest certain foods. other nutrients are destroyed during cooking. Eating a combination of raw and cooked fruits and vegetables is really the best thing.

  7. I agree with the video, Im not a vegan but I do a lot of juicing.. History shows people ate pork, cows , anything that couldnt out run them was food .. yet lived 80 plus years .. Look at the native Indians.. So I think most cancer is due to the human race is deterioration, the genes are getting week.. also Jesus taught more in the bible about Prayer and fasting then anything else.
    I know a man right now who hasnt had a soda since 1950 , wont tough grease , exercises every morning , eats 5 small meals a day – he’s 90 years old still runs 3 miles a day and lifts heavy weights .. he’s not vegen but the meat he eats is never fried , and only eats , chicken, turkey and some fish ..

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