Do you have joy and peace in your life? If not you will suffer from disease at some point. What is the way to obtain joy and peace? Live in a righteous way according to the word of Our Creator. For the kingdom of God is not food and drink, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Romans 14:17

Raw Foods, Doctors, Alternative Healers, none of these can heal us like Shalom, peace!

I pray something said in this video will bless you and your health.


21 thoughts on “For The Kingdom of God is Not Food or Drink

  1. I thank you for the message of health you are sending out, it has been a refreshing source of encouragement to me.
    I would love to see you address the scripture that has been thrown in my face in defence against my views of eating plant-based…Acts 10:9-15
    Thank you again for your uplifting messages:)

  2. @rbn4jsus I’ll do a video in the near future but Acts 10 had nothing to do with Food, it was about non Jewish people can be saved and made clean also. God was telling Peter is can eat with them. But never is it okay to eat unclean meats. That’s what this scripture is about.

    • Why in 1st Corinthians chapter 8 does Paul say that we can eat food sacrificed to idols? And why did he say that no food is unclean of itself for everything can be received with Thanksgiving? So many things sound like God doesn’t care what we eat, but I want to learn the truth but the plain reading sounds like food and different feast days are no longer important to God. I am trying to obey the Torah but when I read the Bible I don’t see it as you guys do all the time

  3. Shalom, the vision in Acts is interpreted in the same chapter. The vision had to do with the Jews not calling the Gentiles Unclean. It was considered abominable to eat, go into the house of, or associate with Gentiles in general. The vision Peter had about “get up and eat” had to do with the relationship between people and nothing to do with food at all.

  4. The idea of a person being clean and unclean because of their ethnicity as interpreted by society was not of God at all.See how Peter interprets the vision once he gets to Cornelius’ House, just read slowly and you’ll see it. Hope this brings clarity, Shalom

  5. I love the message that you sending. Love the verse in Romans…so true how we have used food has a means to an end. The real medicine is righteous, joy, peace and love …conclusion only God can give us this. Beautiful message…keep speaking the truth!

  6. I love the message that your sending. Something that a lot of us don’t even take into consideration. Food is not a means to an end, only Jesus is the bread of life

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