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48 thoughts on “Forcing people to be gay through food and tv

  1. In canada there are places where theres already 3 girls for 1 boy in newborns. Most products here in my country release bisphenol a from the plastic compounds. I see everyday men passivity, transgenders and men which accepts more and more of their wives lack of shame behaviors. You are a light to guide us pastor.

    • I have a friend in Ontario who is muslim and shocked when his little boy got home to tell him what they are being taught in 2nd grade. Sex-ed and also, in high school, they have a private room where the teens can have sex in. And the Gay agenda is being shoved down their throats pretty much.

    • +Pat Martin
      Sooo there is no proof that food makes you fully or partly gay?
      I guess I am looking for solid proof from reliable source that food makes someone gay.

    • +Tony Blaylock the food that god made for us to eat , plants, veggies, fruits, seeds all of that, is not the thing to blame btw, that’s why I said “food”

    • +Pat Martin
      I agree the tsp it salt for cleaning.
      There is plastic in McDonald’s fries but it don’t MAKE you gay!
      there is a lot of crazy stuff going on but it’s all a distraction from their agenda. Keep an open eye as to what is being done not what they say. Food doesn’t change DNA but it can kill and cause obesity

    • I don’t believe in misinformation or miseducation, thanks anyway! 😉 Anyone can make a million videos that show evidence of this and that, but I’ve watched enough crime videos to know that evidence can be tampered with. You need to see with your eyes and use your ears to hear what is in your face but CHOSE to ignore it to defend something that is clearly an agenda to make people believe they were born a certain way. The REAL evidences are not being shown on mainstream media or these youtube videos. You have to open your eyes to see it in front of you, for yourself.

    • +May Maple​​ this is where I will use your Jesus words to guide you if your eye is causing you problems pluck it out .Meaning your eyes are deceiving you and not guiding you properly
       If your eye causes you to stumble, pluck it out and cast it from you. For it is better for you that one of your members should perish and notthat your whole body should be cast into Gehenna

    • +PUREBUTTERFLYSPIRIT LOL! No, no, no. And btw, I don’t believe in a man named Jesus. He is not my savior or my God. You should take that advice yourself PUREBUTTERFLYSPIRIT. I’m good, I know what I know, you know what you know and we can agree to disagree because my eyes are open, WIDE OPEN. 🙂 Shalom

    • Unfortunately, humanity is on a path towards doom. If mankind does not strengthen the family unit, all will be lost. Jason, have you ever thought about it like this. Perhaps God is waiting for mankind to use the strength that He gave them to stand up against the evil ones. Look, I’m not trying to step on anyones beliefs bro. I’m just saying…….If artificial wombs or even transhumanism does indeed become the norm, and no one stops it, then perhaps we as mankind are expected to do something about it.

    • +Captain J Smiley No he is not. Esau (The people in power all over the world) will be met by GOD not us. We are not able to fight them. their sword is to great. (Nukes) In Genesis, and Revelation both, it states the end times shall be as the times of Noah. That is where we are at. Trans-humanism, and artificial wombs and homosexuality being legal are all PAST that point. If you believe in god, you have to believe in the bible. And you have to believe that you can not add or take away from the bible. Its simple as that. If they succeed with being able to create babies out of nothing outside a human, and god does not rain fire down on the earth as he promised, then that part of the bible is a lie. And if one part is a lie, the whole damn thing is a lie.

  2. I’ve been telling people about this for awhile. I tried to explain this in class once, and people got mad at me….. o_ONo matter, cuz I shut them down hard. However, a lot of them seemed like they didn’t like me anymore. lol oh well.

  3. they’ve been doing this for decades in South America and Asia.. specially Philippines and Brazil. hence the big numbers of tranny’s there.
    (two big Catholic nations btw..) 😯😯

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