I answer but you have to understand a few things first.

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    • +Kemet Trill How so?
      -Jehovah’s Witness keep SUNday/1st day…….Israelites keep Sabbath/7th day-Jehovah’s Witness believe in Jehovah God…….Israelites believe in Ahayah, Yahawah the Most High-Jehovah’s Witness believe that the fake Jewish people are the Israelites………Israelites know they are the Israelites (‘negroes’ from the Trans Atlantic Slave Holocaust)-Jehovah’s Witness believe that the 144,000 is made of Christian Gentile believers; not 12 tribes of Israel like the scriptures clearly say……..Israelites know the 144,000 are the elect of Israel-Jehovah’s Witness may not do Christmas or Thanksgiving…….but they also don’t keep the Holy Days of the bible like the Israelites do-Jehovah’s Witness eat pork and abominable foods…….Israelites don’t……Jehovah’s Witness dress in suit & ties like European/American/Roman politicians but Israelites dress in Hebrew garments…..big differences

  1. The Palestinians have been asking how Judah left black and came back white since Esau invaded it..I get into debates every day about Etymology (original meanings of words) amd have tried to explain this to people but they just dont hear or see..One of your other videos I was debating about Ruth being a Moabite, she is! Scripture was very clear but the Europeans have taught such a twist on scripture this is what they are led to believe..Ruth is who the Templers have tried to use to justify their position. They are liars! They are the Moabites a cursed people for all generations

  2. Pastor Dowell I got a funny question for you?  Will you be the escape path for those Hebrews fleeing Babylon ( Modern Day America).  With all you’re accomplishing, it seems TMH has a big purpose for you.. Could you be the Noah of today?  Just wondering for those Israelites seeking refuge?  Please don’t be offended Pastor, I was just wondering?

    • MsJoy4ever he said if you have sex with a woman it is your responsibility to marry that woman. sin is transgression of the law 1 John 3:4 period. people have made up their own sins over time. Marriage in Hebrew culture is a feast wedding and a covenant to care for that woman’s needs. food shelter etc. she is to bear him children if she can.

  3. Shalom 1

    Pastor Dowell that was a good video and I enjoyed the content of it.  I know you probably heard this before could you put the scripture at the bottom of the screen form the book you are speaking on. Some of us come from a Christian background or the slave mentality (If ain;t from my Pastor or the white man I don’t believe it) and you should have added that you can’t force a women to be consensual with you because you know how some of us thick headed males get.  Pastor Dowell said if a woman is single and I can take care of her and I force sex upon her now you are my wife. You and I know you did not said no such thing. Hebrews do not engage in such non-sense as rape Deuteronomy 22: 25 and  26 that is punishable by death.  Keep up the good work Prophet love your videos.

    One Love


  4. Pastor Dowell I am Indian and my ancestors came from India. They where brought to the Caribbean as slaves to cut sugar cane. I wanted to know if that makes me a decedent? I think I am a son of Kush? Also where did white people come from?

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