7 thoughts on “Friday Q & A Kosher Foods, fresh foods #264 Part 2

  1. Thanks for the comment on your belief..going to kansas? on the yellow brick road on the way to see the wizard of Oz? just kidding,,i dont turn you off because we have our own opinions you are right, and how do we form them where do they come from? from our own personal understanding of Yah his ways purpose ultimate goal and where we gettin our sources from bible and for me too essence.peace brother Yah blessings Ya!!

  2. I am vegan in diet unfortunately a good pair of dress shoes never wears out so I wear dead animal once in a while. Looking for a good pair of vegan dress shoes just have not found them. In my personal life I am all vegan minus the cash I carry. Mock meats always amused me even though a few times a year I enjoy a non soy version. Have not heard any raw food jokes this week.

  3. @RawGreenLiving
    Sweet potatoes and yams are mostly carbohydrates.
    Grains are mostly carbohydrates as well, but contain some protein too, but not complete.
    Legumes, like lentils contain more protein than grain, but different and not complete either.
    Grains and legumes eaten together are said to give complete protein.

  4. I find that a combination of about 2 parts grain and 1 part legumes, both cooked, gives me a pretty satisfying meal, as long as a put enough olive oil on it.
    I usually make rice and beans.
    After cooking I add cold pressed oil and often some raw sprouted legumes.
    Of course salt and herbs or spices are needed for good taste.

    Since I belief we need some fat soluble vitamins to be able to utilize protein and minerals, I take a teaspoon of cod liver oil after a purely vegan meal like that.

  5. Hi Paul, thanks for all the great videos! Hope that you have a wonderful trip. I have a question, I have been told that I have osteopenia and I should be taking calcium supplements, do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

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