Today on the show we have Rawlean who cured herself from breast cancer with a raw food diet. Rawlean's website is

“The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”
Learn more and get the series at this link:


15 thoughts on “From Breast Cancer To The Raw Life

  1. She’s beautiful! Healthy and happy…i lost a sister to breast cancer less than two years ago and this woman is inspiring and radiant.

  2. Paul, how did you go about finding raw people in south africa? Rawlean is a wonderful lady with a lot of energy. I love her smile. She seems so happy and she has actually planted a whole lot of things in her garden. If she could hook up with John Kohler he can help her make the garden thrive a bit more.

  3. yeah hard to see his lips move and understand what he says, especially for a speaker and host. I think it would be more professional with trimmed up. It doesn’t mean he is conforming to society, it just means he’s clean cut and approachable. Right now, this beard turns a lot of people OFF i share this video with. When I think of Raw food, i think of clean vibrant, energetic!!!! this beard looks opposite to me. Give the wrong impression. But, I LOVE Rawlean’s energy & garden !!

  4. I really like advice she gives… You really never know whar actually they ate and did and she just says right there …..1 ltr of juice in a morning ,big salad for dinner small plate with other stuff……

  5. Hey Paul, I love all your health videos and I want to get more serious about eating healthy. I was wondering what your take on Gluten from wheat and other grains. Do you think it’s okay or not? I’ve heard it leads to leaky gut syndrome

  6. Bravo! It makes me very sad when I see people dying of cancer without doing the raw diet. Last one, John McCain. He could have everything done for him. And he did not know about it.

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