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Kim Goldman was raised Jewish. She became a Christian when she accepted Yeshua as her Messiah. Kim didn't feel complete until she embraced the Messianic-Hebrew Roots lifestyle. Now she is a Jewish believer in Yeshua Messiah, living the Torah Life and loving it.


29 thoughts on “From Judaism to Christianity to Hebrew Roots

  1. “Church ” in your world is anyone who sets one up. You are exactly what Jesus referred to as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Your horns and tail are very visible.

  2. And you cannot belong to an invisible church. And you cannot find salvation in your phony manmade assemblies be they Protestant, Jewish, Hindu or Islamic. They are all phony just like you.

  3. exactly. If you want to observe it to learn or as a blessing, do it unto the Lord, as Romans 14 says, but saying you MUST do it is a false gospel. Period.

  4. The “Torah” life may be beautiful but it isn’t necessary. Yes, in time people come into truth, which is Jesus. My “faith” is not incomplete. And No, I am not going to go into Hebrew Roots bondage, and ignore the clear teaching of Galatians. Not going to become bewitched.

    • Galations is about the proselyte circumcision which is NOT biblical for salvation. The greek word is anthropos and refers to both men and women attempting to rely on the ORAL teachings of the Jews for being accepted as a Jew for salvation which clearly is NOT biblical. The other not usually recognised thing is that it is Paul’s 2nd visit too. ACTS has Paul preaching the gospel in that whole region. The weak and beggarly worldly things are NOT God’s Festivals but going back to pagan stuff after receiving the Jewish Proselyte circumcision law which said it did not matter what you did after that, as your salvation was secure…because you were considered Jewish..a bit like the sinners prayer of Christianity. Without repentance towards the ways of God it is false and not biblical. These are the things Jesus complained about and commented that the Jews travelled the world to make a single convert/proselyte from the nations and made them TWICE a child of Hell as they were. Proselytism was refusing grace and continuing in lawlessness by attempting to use the works of men as a Holy thing.. Check it out and flow in the Love of God. If you love me KEEP my commandments. FJ

  5. This woman is Jewish; so if there is anyone I think is not crazy for Hebrew “rooting” it would be she. The rest of you folks, who were born Gentiles and came to faith in Jesus Christ, what are you doing? The Apostle Paul warns about Judaizers. This lovely lady is still a Jew–a Jew who knows her Messiah. I love him, too; but he doesn’t ask me to convert to Judaism.

  6. What’s wonderful is I renewed my faith in Jesus, but I felt something was missing. I had been praying specifically for God To show me his Truth, I just wanted the truth and then my eyes were opened to the importance of Torah within a short time. What she says is 100% accurate. Just seek truth and he will guide you!

  7. WOW, yes, I love this ! I have my own testimony of how I became a Messianic Believer (I was raised in the “Christian” Churches). I also tell my father’s testimony about how he accepted Yeshua on his death bed (he was a secular Jew). I sought truth as well and was lead by the Lord on a journey to come home to Yeshua! Praise God! I look forward to the High Holy days coming. God bless you!

  8. as a Christian most of my life. I’ve been INSPIRED. by the LORD – Yshua. Thanks so much for your witness. Torah introduces what we see as the Gospels and should live as Yshua taught. Thanks so much Kim Goldmn =) I like onion/bagles with cream cheese.

  9. Read your books, develope a relationship with Yahweh and then you will see that we have the same God and the same commandments.
    Dont be quick to dismiss the NT before you actually read it from front to back

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