We are still in Atlanta, GA checking out the amazing raw food joints. On today's show we have the founder of R.Thomas Deluxe Grill restaurant in the heart of Atlanta that is open 24 hours and has a good selection of raw food items on the menu.

The founder Richard B. Thomas has been involved in the fast food industry for many years. He was a president for Kentucky Fried Chicken and he is the actual founder of Bojangles. After he retired he was board so he decided to open up R. Thomas Deluxe Grill. The original idea was for it to be a funky burger joint. After losing the keys on opening day the place was packed late at night so he decided to make it a 24-hour grill.

Eventually they started offering fresh carrot juice alongside the burgers. After a meeting with author of The Body Ecology Diet, Donna Gates, they expanded their menu to include raw foods and a wide variety of other foods.

"We treat carnivores and vegetarians with equal respect" says R, but it is more than just that. High-quality ingredients: cold pressed organic oils for cooking and dressings, fresh produce, homegrown herbs from our garden, local organic honey and bee pollen, organic grains, ocean vegetables, free-range chicken, organic-range eggs, natural-range beef and organic salmon, wild-caught tuna, powerful superfoods like kefir and raw cultured vegetables are the cornerstones of a menu that honors everyone's food choices.

I highly suggest people check out this place when you are in the Atlanta area. Their website is


15 thoughts on “From Kentucky Fried Chicken President to Raw Restaurant Owner

  1. This has got the be THE MOST IMPRESSIVE ENTERPRISE I HAVE EVER HEARD OF – AND YET SO DAMN SIMPLE AND SENSIBLE!!!!! May that ex-president of ‘the food poisoning ‘fast’ ‘food'(!) ‘industry’ – that has got to be the amazing paradox of the various diverse cultures of the USA – just as us – as outsiders think we have a handle on you as a country and culture – hot damn you go and surprise us!!! Of course I would like to know how much of this is affordable for poorer people in the state. But well done

  2. *May that ex-president of ‘the food poisoning ‘fast’ ‘food'(!) ‘industry’ – stay blessed and healthy! He could help President Obama start to cut the monumental health care cuts by 5 – 10% per year – get rid of the “trans-fat” which is purely used for industrial processing purposes. Obama will need to take them on head on. But it is so good to such a business exists – and that hopefully ‘rich and poor’ and can access it. Thanks for this video! XXX

  3. Very interesting – good example of how one can change once educated. Thank you for this information and for the work you do. Blessings to you all.

  4. omg, i love r thomas! fantastic food and drinks at this place and a gem intown in the city of atlanta. and its open 24 hours! love this place. but, i never knew his back story.
    non raw, non vegan folks swear by the french toast!… and the birds..they are so cute!

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