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There comes a time when each person will realize they are living in the world or living for the Creator. Many people choose to make the way they look an idol in their life that they are not willing to let go of.

Valerie was in that situation but made a wise choice and picked the narrow path of righteousness.

She was a model and once her eyes were open to the truth she repented and began to dress modest according to our Creator Yahweh's word!

Valerie is an amazing example of how Yahweh can change our heart and bless us when we forget about pleasing the world and choose to follow Him!

Hear her amazing story.
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38 thoughts on “From Model to Modesty

    • +Valerie Vaughan I see a major difference between Messianic ladies wearing a headcovering and Muslim women wearing a headcovering, their countenance is so different, Messianic ladies just shine so bright. I am proud of you sister, shine on sister.

    • +Shawn Kawcak Thank you, Shawn, for pointing that out, that you can see the Light in my face which is absent in Muslim women. In Arabic, it is “menowooruh” that they tell me they see:)

    • You are very welcome.  I support a woman’s choice to become a lady as much as I know how.  These is such a difference between those that just learn Torah, and those that seek to life it, living it is the real blessing.
      I rejoice to know that more and more women are becoming ladies by embracing Yahweh’s design for their lives, I wish more men would do it.

  1. Great video. This video came at a perfect time. I covered for several months, but then I felt wishy washy about it. I would see ladies cover, but break torah and I didn’t want to be associated with that. I would also notice it wasn’t a commandment. I just came up with a lot of excuses. I also felt uncomfortable that I was noticed more when I covered my hair. However, I did cover yesterday and it felt great. Things like tight clothing, jeans, heals, makeup…the list goes on…should be avoided.

    • +Jessica Schroeder Shalom Jessica, Just a few months ago I began struggling with the idea on whether or not I really needed to cover my hair anymore. Then I started seeing videos pop-up of other young ladies taking theirs off. I felt more alone than anything, but YAHWEH reminded me; I didn’t cover my hair for me, I covered it for HIM because it was what He asked of me. After that I felt so bad for thinking I had the right to make the call as to what I wanted or did not want to do for HIM. It’s good to be noticed if it’s YAH were pointing to and not ourselves. As I said in the video, a woman’s hair is her glory, therefore I cover so that HE gets all the glory. Once again, this is what YAH is working in me and any who obey what HE calls for them to do will and should understand as well as be excited and renewed in doing it. I pray for strength in your life Jessica to continue in what YAH has planned for you so that in all things you say and do HE will get the praise. I pray for your eyes to see and ears to hear as YAHWEH directs. In YAHSHUA’s name I pray, Amein.

    • Thank you so much for your kind encouragement Valerie. I really do need to access wether it’s YAH who wants me to cover or my own interests. I just am not sure.

    • +Jessica Schroeder Though I sent a long reply, I enjoy more than anything to listen. If you ever need someone to just listen, I would love to be that person for you, whether the decision to cover or not, do everything as unto YAH, that’s what matters. My email is there, if you need someone, once again I would love to be that someone for you. Shalom, Shalom Jessica

    • +Jessica Schroeder Excuse me but I get a little annoyed when all many people seem to think about is just doing things if you belive that you MUST do them and not doing things because you LOVE doing them..!

  2. Good video Paul. Thanks Valerie for sharing your story and feelings about modesty.The many “experts” out there will no doubt love to tell you that you do not have to cover your hair (yes people we KNOW it is not a commandment) but they have not really listened to what you had to say. Your hair was causing you to be prideful and was a distraction and you felt it was giving glory to you instead of Adonai. I totally get that!! I was the same before I started covering!  An awful lot of people also quote Sha’ul’s letter to the Corinthians as being the only mention in scripture of a woman covering her hair but it is not the only example of scripture. When Rivkah met Yitzhack for the first time in Genesis 24 64-65 she covered her hair. In Numbers 5 18 is another case of headcovering, the “accused’ woman had to unbind her hair, so it certainly is biblical. So to me, when Sha’ul says ” However, if anyone wants to argue about it, the fact remains that we have no such custom, nor do the Messianic communities of God.” to me, he is saying ” However, if anyone wants to argue about a woman not covering, the fact remains that we have no such custom, nor do the Messianic communities of God.” because it WAS already a tradition, a way of life for women. Anyhoo, all of that aside, keep up the great changes and thanks once again.

    • +Simone Lentini Todah (thank you ) Simone, you articulated that beautifully, that is my understanding throughout Scripture as well. People are not arguing with me on it, their arguing with YHWH because this is something He set on my heart and sometimes people combat it either because they are feeling convicted about doing it (which is where I was) or their men who don’t want to miss out on seeing other women’s hair. Whatever the reason, YHWH reminds me to not be offended, instead love them all the more by correcting them with Truth and what Truth tells us, women covered before and YAH did not condemn. And nothing says He is condemning because they don’t, therefore there is hardly anything to be bothered by. I’m so happy to hear another woman covering her head, it is so encouraging, thanks for leaving a comment Simone. 🙂

      Shalom achoti (my sister),


    • +Valerie Vaughan What I AM bothered by is the fact that there are MANY who condemn women because they are covering their heads or hair though.. Since it´s not a bad thing! But many people seem to think they know others intentions/hearts and that the intention behind covering the head or hair must be legalistic! That condemning someone for “obviously being self righteous!” is actually being self righteous.

    • +Simone Lentini Yes, but offcourse even the most wordly minded KNOWS that was the custom of those old communities if they´re honest ! Because it´s obvious from the old paintings that dates from that time that shows those women always REALLY covered VERY MUCH when in worship… There is no denying it really… Those who say the customes referred to was women who worshipped with uncovered heads just as in the greek custom.. well they must ignore ALL the rest of the letters.. that is ALL about NOT imitating the greek customes.. But I have a feeling that is because they themselves want to imitate the fashion customs of other sorts of people in the world today.

  3. Very wise young sister, her entire family has an awesome testimony. And yes modesty is something that a lot people who claim to serve YHWH don’t care for which is sad.

  4. You can tell the people that don’t have their heart on serving YHWH by their attitude, they always have an excuse to justify why they don’t have to do something,

    • +Elder Joe I did, and now look at where I’m at, doing the very thing I scoffed at. Who knows, in due time they might be doing the very things they excuse themselves on. Just so YAH can get the glory, I love how HE works. 🙂 It’s not easy, but it is very rewarding.

    • +Valerie Vaughan Yes indeed sister. Your whole family are a great testimony for YHWH and very inspiring I am sure to a lot people. Blessings to your family from from us here is Ca. I know brother Ted personally so your family is in good hands with him as well. For me it is very encouraging to see young people such as yourself serving YHWH with such passion, I have six children and not all are serving YHWH.

  5. The western media sends a distinct message to pretty young girls……it encourages them to dress and act like a common prostitute……..revealing attire, heavy make-up, and impossibly thin.  That is why everyone is so darned insecure.  The Creator made us all PERFECT.  No need to accessorize perfection!  Just know beauty comes from the inside.

  6. YAHmein 🙂 HalLeLuYAHshua 🙂 YAH Bible (available at  eBay – only $25) Proverbs 30:4 , Psalm 68:4 , Revelation 22:14 , “Joshua” 1:8 (YAHshua 1:8)

  7. i like your broadcast on modesty i recently started wearing tzitzit as well as dressing modest as had already be practicing. i have for many years covered my head durring prayer but recently started wearing a scarf in public and most of the time at home too. so thanks Paul.

  8. I have a question this i like the third video I have found on this channel about Modesty and head coverings… If a woman is trying to be modest by covering her hair… then why is it ok for those same so called modest women to wax their eyebrows and wear foundation, lip gloss and stick eye shadow and eye liner… With the head covering … There is nothing modest about painting your face so that you eyes and face stand out… There is nothing modest about it ????????? ohh and don’t forget the blush that is thicker than the smog in L.A. really this is a valid question ????????????? The make up is the opposite of modest….

    • I think everyone is in a different page in their santification. God knows the heart and before you ever see modesty outward it’s starts from within. Then it starts pouring outwardly. Like the woman said it was steps. First one thing then another and so on. You never know where they are but you see the change and that is the most powerful witness.

  9. That is the definition of a hypocrite …. Say one thing and do another…. Make up is anything but modest….. I am not trying to be rude yet I see one thing and hear something else….. If your going to do it…. then ditch the makeup as well or you are a hypocrite ???????? Is this not a fair question and view point ??????????

  10. Would someone tell me what an “Ima” is? I don’t even know that’s what she’s saying?
    Thank you!!!
    Also, do any of you ladies ever get asked if you are Muslim or have cancer?
    Please understand this is not sarcasm or an insult. Truly a straight forward question….and quite frankly a fear of mine.

  11. TRUE Christianity DOES NOT promote modeling at all as a means of earning a living and turning oneself into an idol for especially men to gawk at and lust over! Why does a Christian woman have to hide her HAIR under some scarf in order to dress modestly?! Immodesty is all about women showing off the shape and curves of their bodies with tight clothing, low-cut tops which spotlight the cleavage of their breasts, etc! I’m nearly 70, and my late parents, especially Mother, taught us girls how to dress appropriately so as not to draw attention to our bodies with mini-skirts, stack heels and loads of eye shadow, glaring red lipstick, long fingernails, and other facial makeup that spells out the word W-H-O-R-E!!!

  12. I can empathize with her position. Modeling is the ultimate focus on the flesh and its appearance/potential. It makes sense why she would have been called by Yahweh to lead instead towards this life of utmost modesty. I wouldn’t personally take modesty as far as she has in her dress (although I agree it’s a much more admirable statement than many so called “statements” we see by women in our society) but I do appreciate this video and her perspective. Her story and several others show how deep the idolatry of beauty–especially in women–is so prevalent in our culture these days. So glad Yahweh has brought her this path by seeing and living the other side of the coin.

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