Michael Rood and Nehemia Gordon detail a literary revelation never seen in the history of Bible research, including Hebrew manuscripts presumed inexistent — lost treasures in the depths of the Vatican.

After centuries of assumption that the New Testament was written in Greek, the discovery of a Hebrew version of the Gospel of Matthew blew the lid off the modern understanding of ancient times, context, and even the purpose and meaning of the Gospel.

This paradigm-shattering shift of a Hebrew Gospel written by a Hebrew disciple had scholars begging the question, “Could there be more?” Indeed, there are. In rapid succession, centuries-old manuscripts are coming to light, right now. Don’t miss this incredible discovery revealed from this episode of Shabbat Night Live!

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26 thoughts on “From the Vatican Junk Box

  1. This is awesome to find the “father of” in Hebrew. Just wondering can we trust the Bible in other teachings unless it’s from the original Hebrew ?

    • How does a copy of ancient assimilated Greek texts labelled Matthew prove that Mattiyahu the disciple of Yeshua ben Miriam wrote the first book in the New Testament?

    • It wasn’t just a copy but many manuscripts which properly interpret Matthew 23. If Jesus said, “Listen to them” and “Not listen to Him” then Jesus’s own words are in contradiction with each other. Jesus said that we shouldn’t follow traditions of men or of rabbis or pharisees etc… This finding solves not only the contradiction but is confirmed by the found manuscripts.

    • Listen to his video of “Hebrew yeshua” vs “Greek Jesus” he finds there are metaphors that only make sense originally Hebrew and are interpreted and lost when put into the Greek. The Greek is actually a third interpretation. The 2nd being Aramaic and the 1st obviously being Hebrew.

    • All the Scriptures were written in Ivrit, the Holy Tongue. Only the Ruach HaKodesh whom represents Truth can install Truth in you. History speaks for itself, as does the history of the replacement theology of the western Roman Greco church system.

    • Cole Thompson
      Acts 26 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)
      12 “On one such occasion, I was traveling to Dammesek with the full authority and power of the head cohanim. 13 I was on the road, and it was noon, your Majesty, when I saw a light from heaven, brighter than the sun, shining around me and my traveling companions. 14 We all fell to the ground; and then I heard a voice saying to me, in HEBREW HEBREW HEBREW HEBREW HEBREW, ‘Sha’ul! Sha’ul! Why do you keep persecuting me? It’s hard on you to be kicking against the ox-goads!’ 15 I said, ‘Who are you, sir?’ and the Lord answered, ‘I am YESHUA, and you are persecuting me! 
      John 1 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)
      47 YESHUA saw Natan’el coming toward him and remarked about him, “Here’s a true son of Isra’el — nothing false in him!” 48 Natan’el said to him, “How do you know me?” YESHUA answered him, “Before Philip called you, when you were under the fig tree, I saw you.” 49 Natan’el said, “RABBI , you are the SON of GOD! You are the KING of ISRA’EL’!”

  2. Thank you for this post, and content. We really enjoyed the Spirit and the information given out here. Looking forward to the next program. Blessings and Shalom from the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

  3. All I’ve ever heard is how meticulous Jewish scribes were with every jot and tittle but now I have to believe they slipped up 57 times on the Name alone?

  4. Nehemia’s pure excitement is contagious. Rood does his best to restrain Nehemia’s fervor and stretch out the expression of this revelation for some purpose.

  5. Love the excitement in this guys voice!! Lol Treasures being discovered is exciting!! Wish I knew some friends to share with!!! I will !!! I believe God has plans for me to have christian friends soon!!!

  6. I’ve been curious of history.. how did the Catholic church come about in the first place?? How did they form into such a great POWER over having a monopoly on Christianity??? Hmmm ???

  7. The rabbis don’t agree. I know of one who says the Name is Yahuah. From my research, that fits. Why would the rabbis who teach people to say “Yahovah” want us to reveal his Name now, any more than their predecessors did? Why just assusme that –
    after over 2000 years of attempts to cover up the real Name?

  8. I thought it was common knowledge The Gospel of Matthew was written 1st in Hebrew.
    I used to have a child’s book of the lives of the saints.
    It recorded that Barnabas was buried with a Gospel of Matthew which was written in Hebrew.

  9. I had never felt so excited in my life. I soooo much which to find a congregation that will follow Joshua the way He intended. Thank you Nehemiah for all your arduous work. I’ll definitely teach all this things to my two boys!!!! Bless you, my brother!

  10. Nehemia’s excitement is contagious! What a fun way to learn! And the topic of what is hidden in the Vatican has always been of huge interest to me. Thank you for doing this series!

  11. That’s the reason I start my prayers with “Lord G-d of Israel”, this way, I avoided all those fake names but from now onwards I will use “Yehovah” and “Yeshua”…..

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