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Here is an update of my fruit trees

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16 thoughts on “Fruit Trees Update

  1. I wish I lived in a place that met the needs for many fruit plants to grow. I live in a mountainous area with rocky soul, not much grows here except tomatoes lol

  2. You don’t have to water as much because the wood chips retain moisture. They also provide a good source of nutrients back to the soil as it breaks down back into humus and soil.

  3. Great! I just planted 45 new fruit trees myself and 150 new blueberry bushes. I sure hope we can keep inspiring and teaching people about growing food!

  4. Concerning all the wood chips you added to the soil, have you ever heard of Nitrogen Immobilization? It occurs when we add high sources of Carbon materials such as wood chips to the soil because the micro-organisms have to scavenge the available Nitrogen as energy to help break the carbon down. Thus, when I add mulch and wood chips, I usually had some Nitrogen fertilizer to reduce this problem but also since mulching atop fertilizer will reduce leaching of the nutrients. It sure saves a lot of time when we mulch!

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