23 thoughts on “Fruits from South Africa I Never Heard Of

  1. Pauly, your palette might be spoiled by the fruits in america that have been grown to be super sweet.
    our bodies need to become fat burners and not sugar burners.
    safe flight.

  2. i’m surprised that you don’t have passion fruits in the us! in australia they are very common, sold almost all year around in supermarkets. great video, paul!

  3. The fruit at 07:10 looks like a Spanish lime that is grown in South Florida. It does have a tart taste to it. When I was a kid in Key West we would have them in curtain seasons.You can, in rare occasions will find them in the supermarket here in Florida.

  4. The fruit at 4:36 are so sour! When I was a child we had a tree down the road from us and we would climb the tree and eat the fruit. I never liked them but everyday we went I would eat them because my sister and cousin were šŸ˜‚

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