21 thoughts on “Gaining Weight and Building Muscle on a Raw Food Diet

  1. The first this in We Love YAHWEH and His words,His son Yahshua Our King! we Strive to Live YHWH’s LAWs!.Love Life and Our Neighbors! — Bee Pollen , Royal Jelly. Vitamineral greens are little extra’s …We Keep It Mostly Raw! Kosher !

  2. hi paul, this was great to see today. i am totally behind the idea of choice and finding out what works for you. culturally, environmentally and socially we thrive in different ways and knowing the best combination of these three and how they interplay with making healthy choices for your body, is the way to achieve a good foundation for your body mind and spirit that you can maintain for life. 🙂 thanks!

  3. Paul, I’ve experienced everything you said even before i went raw. People seem to be confused how to build REAL muscle on a 100% raw vegan diet, which is what I do for a living (I train raw vegans to build muscle). I DO NOTY EAT ANY COOKED millet or anything and I know how to THRIVE and can easily stick with it, and so can my clients. I’ve been 100% raw since 1999 and 100% vegan since 1985 and I challenge anyone to prove otherwise. It is not hard to be 100% raw!

  4. I was referring to building muscle, protein requirements are increased in individuals who undergo weight training for hypertrophy. At least I think that’s what my comment was regarding, I wrote it months ago…

  5. People should check the science behind everything. If studies and research tell us something about a type of food that is not good for us for example, that is what you should follow. They are more likely to be certain than these guys on YouTube talking about nutrition. We still need to question and search, not just believe everything people say.

  6. My family laughed when I told them I would build muscle with “MAD Ripped Muscle”, but then they saw the results. Go and Google MAD Ripped Muscle to see their reaction. (You should see their faces!)

  7. Gorillas get most of their energy from hindgut fermentation and more than 50% of their gut surface area is in the large intestine. This is typical for a folivore.

    Humans get very little energy from hindgut fermenters and less than 20% of their gut surface area is in the colon. This is typical of a frugivore.

    20 bananas supplies only 2000 kcal. The average male requires 3000 kcal per day. Why is 20 bananas/2000 kcal excessive for someone who needs 3000 kcal per day?

  8. Excluding gut diseases affecting digestion and absorption, weight loss arises from insufficient food intake. If someone needs to net 2000 kcal per day to maintain weight, he will need that net amount regardless of whether he eats cooked or raw. To get 2000 kcal, you need to eat 20 medium bananas, 20 medium potatoes, or 10 cups of cooked millet (not ‘a little’ millet). Cooking doesn’t magically add calories to food, it only makes the indigestible (such as raw millet), digestible.

  9. To gain body mass, you have to intake more mass than you expend. Leaving aside gut diseases, for someone with a healthy gut that means eating more food than you require to maintain your current body mass given your energy expenditure. Since our body mass consists primarily of water, protein, and fat, and water is retained only in cells composed of protein and fat, mass gain requires overeating with a portion of the overconsumption consisting of protein or fat.

  10. Unless you are starting from an underweight / underfeeding condition, in which case the increased consumption may not be, technically speaking, overeating.

  11. Excellent video Paul!!!!!! I agree fasting at times can be a valuable tool for gaining weight have seen it work for me before. I like how you encourage people to experiment & listen rather than just dogmatically following no matter what.

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