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21 thoughts on “Gas Kills Your Body

    • After meals, say about an hour later I experience a churned up feeling in!my stomach. Does anyone else suffer from it and if so , what do you think it is. ?

  1. How can someone eat fruit and cooked foods like beans, rice, potatoes and any other plant foods? 8 work a nine to five job so I can’t eat a raw diet.

    • Z E, what you don’t live in an all year tropical zone with a desk job on the beach and can’t blend and 100 lb of pineapple a day? Sucks to suck

  2. Yes….truth… doesn’t matter what I eat – I bloat? a few bites and Im full……its in my family….digestive problems……arthritis in the left hip on the outer joint and within socket. I still walk and defying the odds……Thank-you for sharing/teaching/warning….

  3. My stomach swells by night time I’m looking pregnant, I eat healthy I don’t drink soda , I’m stumped ,I do vinegar ,honey an tumeric shots I drink probiotics I need help what could be going on ??

  4. I like the way your skin looks like, and overall you looks much healthier to me, than even a 1 year ago, on your videos. Thank you sir. Please continue to share with us your experience and knowledge.

  5. this is great. I’ve only heard three people talk of gases and vapors that are extremely toxic and poisonous to body.

    1. was Andreas Moritz talking about just like dead animal on road produces toxic gases vapors…body does same with undigested food in small intestines, produces very toxic poisonous gases vapors

    2. organic dr nuzum talks about swelling from gases from undigested foods

    3 . digestorum site supplement talks about undigested food creating toxic poisonous gases and vapors that dissipate and expand causing swelling in whole body,cause headaches , ect

    Markus rothkranz talking about probiotics says most supplement have no live probiotics cause if they did bottle would expand blow.

    good point about so much plaque from calcium, fat, in body you could drink water and still feel very sick, dizzy dehydrated….because all undigested food , plaque so water doesn’t get everywhere efficiently.

    would non organic non pasteurized sauerkraut has 10 trillion good bacteria per bite and lacto bacillus secretes massive amounts enzymes ,few bites daily be best way to not only recolonize 100 trillion good bacteria make 85% immune system in gut but also give body plenty enzymes to digest undigested fats, Oils, proteins, carbs clogging up pipes???

  6. since angiogram dye into arteries is toxic poison. what are safe options to know how much plaque and calcium is in all arteries whole body? I know Chuck Norris and wife suing all 6 manufactures of gadolina dye that destroyed his wife’s health .

  7. Chris wark said he had full cancer despite medical blood tests showing everything normal. since ranges for normal are so wide. what test or how do we get overall test of whole body health is medical test showed normal when Chris says he had full cancer?

  8. If cooked foods are not good for you then what kind of raw food is there to eat and it’s hard to eat a big amount of that stuff what do you suggest that like if I got started on the raw vegan diet I’m vegan now but I do want to eat more raw but what do you suggest to fill up your body with because you can only eat so many vegetables before you want to throw up I love fruit and I can eat plenty of that but I’m concerned about the vegetables part of it how do you eat so much raw

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