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4 thoughts on “Genesis 49 Daily Bible Reading with Paul Nison

  1. Well shucks! I missed the show because it was WAY early! Only 5 am my time this morning… oh well. Hopefully we will catch it live tomorrow! Be blessed everyone. See y’all around soon.

  2. Shalom all. Well I have a weird question 😂 so we are told to make and wear tzitzit and the only specific description given about them is they have a blue ribbon running thru them. Then we are told of how the Tabernacle and all of its anointed holy ‘pieces’ (I’ll call them pieces but it’s everything used for and with the Tabernacle) but we are told how to ‘pack’ it up for moving onto their next location. And in that everything packed is first initially covered with the fine blue linen.
    And we are told the reason for the tzitzit with the blue ribbon is for us to remember His commandments when we look upon them.
    So do you think the Fathers purpose of our blue sky is 1. When we look up to remember His commandments and 2. Because we are His ‘precious, holy, anointed pieces’???
    Input appreciated

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