Psalm 50:22
Repent, all of you who forget me, or I will tear you apart, and no one will help you.

Matthew 3:2
Repent of your sins and turn to Yahweh, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near.

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21 thoughts on “Get a sign and tell people to REPENT

  1. God has blessed me to find this ministry on youtube. The Shammah Deuteronomy 6:4-9 helped me so much- to teach the Word diligently to my children. They’re my ministry. May the Lord continue to bless and keep you. Shalom.

  2. You are an AWAKENER keep up the Faith, and herding his flock to the only SAVIOR there will ever be. May ELOHIM bless you openly!!!

  3. I like how you stated that you are not trying to change anybody. Hallelujah!
    Oh so correct & appropriately humble. Scripture tells the man in the watchtower to warn, that is, inform of an approaching danger.

    You inform people who may have never been warned or those who have not previously heeded warning. You teach the truth as you know it. You also live the most righteous life you possibly can.

    And yet, all you do, has nothing to do with you. Your humble message is all about His message, the a Truth, & snatching from the fire.

    You’re not saving people, the message is. It is so true that is only by the softening of the heart by YHVH who opens individual eyes. Paul Nison changes no one. YHVH opens the heart, repentance occurs as a turning toward Yeshua who, in turn, guides us back toward the Father, the spirit of holiness gifted into us guides those who have both the Father & the son. You’re out there telling the reality in a world where most claim the Truth is merely a fairytale.

    Time is truly short, & yet instead of just idly waiting for the fulfillment of scripture or panicking, humble servants are out here doing what Christ told his disciples to do, which is warn & inform while honoring the Father. YHVH, through His son Yeshua, will take care of the rest. The Most High changes people, the Word washes them, & warning is all a person can do. As you said, what they do with that is their business.

    You are such an inspiration. Your work is to be commended.


  4. Go, Jonah👍👍🙏❤ ☺! Yah would rather show mercy and peace than destroy His creation but we all have the choice in His perfect justice. Thanks for helping to give them that choice.

  5. Brother Paul …….your actions brings shalom to my heart . Sometimes I see what goes on around me when I venture out of my doors and I get saddened . But when I come home to read scriptures with you on video or see what you do not only brings shalom to my heart but also sets a good example for me. I want to one day soon hold a sign of my own spreading my love for yeshua !! Thank you and all praises for ALMIGHTY YESHUA !!!

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