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Get a Vacuum Blender for only 58.00 now
look up on eBay Algerek Vacuum Blender

Here is one link w/free shipping but there are more if this runs out

Here is the link for the Forton Blender(note the Algerek is 750w this one is 500w )


15 thoughts on “Get a Vacuum Blender for only 58.00 now

  1. I bought mine. Just rec’d it yesterday. I saw John’s video too which motivated me to buy one at these great prices after hearing about it for a while now. What I didn’t notice was that is was in US funds. More expensive for us Canadians but I can say I already love it. I thought I loved my Vitamix but I know this was a great purchase. Good information to get out to people.

    • Hi Paul. Here is what my research found (May 26, 2020): The FLEXZION Vacuum Blender is sold out on, and the same blender did not yield any results at However, I found the AIGEREK Vacuum Blender on & $62.89 US currency & $92.26 CANADIAN currency. Finally, with regards to Amazon: the FLEXZION is $139.99 in Canada & sold out in the US (but it used to cost $99 US); The AIGEREK is $78.98 in the US & not available in Canada. Of course, this can change. When John Kohler suggested the FLEXZION on Amazon, in April 2020, he warned us that it would probably sell out quickly. Hope this helps anyone who’s looking for a blender. 🙏🙂👍 🧘‍♀️🌱🍑

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