More women are realizing that high heels are not modest and put the women's body in a position only a husband should see his wife in. The spiritual darkness behind the idea of high heels should make every believer not put them on ever again.


20 thoughts on “God Hates High Heels- They Are Not Modest

  1. Now the make up, I agree. Yahuwah is speaking to me about that one. If he tells me about the heels then I will have to let those go. Until then…I’m stepping. Thanks tho

  2. I’m sure if your husband loves you in high heels so do many other men. That is the issue. If your husband loves it wear them for him in private. That’s the point.

  3. High heels are not comfortable when you’re going to stay in your house, they are most for parties or your job. I wear sneakers all the time but that is what I see in most women

  4. It is awesome to see a woman embrace a change like this.  I think when women make changes like this on their own it is so wonderful, and they standout

  5. I hope she is keeping to her commitment.  Nature is the most beautiful, YHWH did not make a mistake when He made us no matter our shape.

  6. Women are YHWH’s masterpiece, heels, makeup, and miniskirts mess up His masterpiece.  Modesty is very beautiful.  The more plain women dress the more beautiful they are, those that love God are the most beautiful of all.  I love when women force/allow guys to get to know them for what is on the inside.

  7. I was just praying and asking God are heels modest? Thanks for sharing. I threw away my pants, make up and jewelry. High heels are out of the door as well. Thank you so much for posting!!!👏👏

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