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Shocking revelations from a godly modest woman, Joanne Smith.

You can learn more at Joanne's blog:

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26 thoughts on “Godly Modest Woman (A proverbs 31 woman)

  1. I really enjoy these interviews, and as a women striving to dress modestly setting the standard higher is good. As women I do think we compare ourselves to other women, and being a women living is Southern California, compared to the women around here I dress very modestly, but then I see a women like her and I suddenly don’t feel so modest. Thank you for this!

  2. I used to think i was born again but when Jesus really touched me nobody told me how to dress i started seeing that my dressing was not right the makeup weaves etc its all vanity

  3. It’s funny, I keep running into atheists and agnostics who, when they look into the Bible, they all become Hebrew Roots people. I can personally even attest to this, being a former agnostic myself.

  4. It would be much easier to come to this with a blank slate. At least that’s what I think. I have had to unlearn so many occult ritual traditions, I lost count ( pagan high sabbaths like Ishtar day, July 4th, Hallows eve, and Saturnalia). Christianity keeps all of the pagan high sabbaths and NONE of the creators. So an athiest would have much less attachment to the non biblical extras.

  5. This is probably the most compelling interview video on YouTube that I have ever seen in my life. Praise Yahweh for this woman of Yahweh and her daughter.

  6. Modesty? Joanne, stop being a slave to MEN who use RELIGION to rule over you. The Bible is a mistake-filled book written by MEN. It is used to control people. I am a 35 year-old man raised in a baptist “born-again” church. I have a 4-year Bachelor of Religious Education. I now realize that the church is full of hate and persecution. If Jesus was here today he wouldn’t be found in our churches. God is real and lives in everyone. All of us. Wear what you want but don’t let it be because of a book.

  7. The holy Bible was holy spirit written! When women choose to go against the world satan cries out against it. In the garden of eden man and women put on fig leafs God coverd them with robes. I choose to follow God not the world. Wide is the gate that leads to destruction, there are many who find it and narrow is the gate that leads to life, and few find it. God does not want us to show off our bodies we are his children. God says “I am Holy therefore you be Holy.” Thank God for pure women. I was not told by any man to cover I was told by God on my lunch break reading the bible. Just ask God get on your knees and pray he will lead you.

  8. Great video. I am a Torah observing woman. Yah has convicted me more and more about how I dress and makeup etc. As my job would not accommodate his type of dress, I have ensured that changes are made to make it as modest and professional as possible. I cannot afford not to work and/or stay at home and home school my children. I am also a single parent. I have 2 boys and I am trying my best to be as modest as possible. Changing jobs is also not the answer as he job I have is extremely flexible with my children. I cannot afford to move. I am in a difficult place… I also don’t want to appear like a Muslim with the covering like a muslim. I think that based on the word, we can be modest without looking like a nun or a Muslim. Also, the question is how would I even get around this situation? I’m happy not to wear makeup… I never go to the hairdresser anyway…. and I don’t have a earthly husband…. divorced. so again… what to do??? I dress modestly, don’t wear pants without almost like a dress over the top, don’t wear makeup… but I still have to appear professional. Those who say I don’t love Yah enough because I don’t do this to Joannes level… well I’d love for you to walk in my shoes for a week…. all said with a honest heart…

    • Please don’t feel bad. You make an honest living. There are manners of modest dress that, hough they would stand out, would likely not violate the dress code. One that comes to mind is a long, full skirt with loose blouse and knit overcoat along with abheadcovering. The Bible is largely silent on how this covering should look. If it’s neatly kept and covers the head, my personal opinion -and Jewish women who cover their heads have a beautiful array to choose from – is that so long as the covering does what it is meant to do, it can be worn in diverse colours and designs. Just try not to be too showy; that defeats the point of modest dress.

    • Thanks for your comments… much appreciated. I also live in a very hot environment, so wearing long things and being all sweaty and uncomfortable is also not ideal.  I try to wear as loose as possible.  It’s just a challenge I guess… more than most Torah observing women who are at that stage of their spiritual growth.  I am struggling… thanks for the comments though. Shalom

    • +Jo dee (JK) We all just need to do the best we can with an honest heart. We each know in our hearts if we really are doing all we know how to please the Lord or if we are trying to cut corners or make excuses. God knows that’s where I was for many years. If your job makes you dress in a way you are not comfortable with, pray that the Lord would provide another way. If he is not pleased with your job, he WILL provide another way 🙂
      Blessings to you, Joanne

    • +Jo dee (JK) — For work, could you wear something like a mid-calf length skirt with a blouse that isn’t low cut (of course) and a jacket or cardigan sweater? That’s very modest and suitable for work. I wore that often when I worked and I had a few long skirts. You don’t have to wear the type dress the lady in the video wears and still be covered and modest. When I wear a head covering, I have worn one similar to this lady in the video. I found a link for some homemade, really nice ones.. There are many items you can wear to be modest and still office appropriate and YAH knows your love for Him and you do the best you can. I’m just trying to help..I know that you probably don’t have a lot of money either.. I have had some good finds at the local thrift stores for mid-calf dresses and for blouses and skirts that are modest and glorify YAH. Also, the pieces like skirts and blouses are interchangeable, so you get several outfits from 3-4 or 4-5 pieces. You just need to watch that skirts are not too tight as some pencil skirts seem to be..though I have a couple looser ones. I cannot find the link now for the head coverings, but Google Christian head coverings and what comes up is head coverings for ALL faiths. . Many are inexpensive and hand made too. I wish you many blessings and all the best too. May YAH bless you and keep you always!

  9. It seems the intrviewee should make room for grace in her heart for those who are as she once was. High heels, for example – though they are BAD for the feet – are often treated as part of thevworking woman’s “uniform.” And many of these women have to work. Waitresses, for example, do not work for low wages in uncomfortable shoes in an effort to vex our God. Mercy should underpin how fellowers of God reach to others. I have no illusion about being wise, but I HAVE been the benefactor of God’s mercy and so it is mercy I try best to spread: I do not assume the immodestly clothed women are vain; I assume many are trapped in an ideal – and I have been to downtown where women have been treated from girlhood as sex objects. I think it hurts them when they are faced with someone who will not be objectified. It hurts them, and some initially react with real anger that covers over a world of hurt. Please be kind to them.

  10. I wish I could hug you, ma’am. I started covering a few months ago, and I am really quite stunned by your honesty and truth in this video. Thank you also, The Health Watchman, for interviewing Mrs. Smith! This is just beautiful.

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