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This week, I interviewed Gordan Tessler. Gordan has an amazing amount of knowledge about health and healing. Where do I find such knowledgeable guest? I ask myself this often. I feel so blessed to have this information. When I interview these people I can't wait to let people hear them. Gordon's interview was amazing. I've been learning about the body scan and other types of energy medicine and didn't even bring it up in the interview but when Gordan started talking about it I was blown away. Also, my favorite part about Gordon is that is backs up everything he talks about with the Bible. This is one of my favorite interviews. I hope you all get to see it.


6 thoughts on “God’s Way to Ultimate Health

  1. Great video. I don’t fully agree with his conclusion about raw foods, though I do agree that adding cooked grains, rice, beans and potatoes into a raw food diet is a good idea.

  2. Thanks for making me wait until the end of the video for you to present the fact that the most important information was not going to be presented .

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