27 thoughts on “Good Women

  1. Hahaha.

    I’ve been saying it myself. I have more respect for a Muslim man than a self-righteous Christian man.

    A lot more respect for a prostitute than most modern day woman.

  2. Semantics: as Rush Limbaugh, a Caucaisian, saith “words mean things”. Do we really live in a Anglo-culture? Are we under the oppression of the Whiteman? The Whiteman us not ESAU. The Caucaisian is ESAU. EDOMITES are esau. 70-80% Khazars/Ashkenazi are ESAU. English/Anglos were conquered by Romans too…we are a society lead by ESAU culture.

  3. The term woman can be used very loosely nowadays. I’m a product of marriage and I’m married. These people have financial arrangements these days. There in like or lust with each other for personal gain.

    • Lori Arroubi I want that more than anything! So Pastor Dowell should have not lumped all us women together, there are women out there whom truly want a God fearing man to serve.

  4. I definetly agree with you in regards to the behavior of these women today… This girl I know made a statement on Instagram that hoes always win…. For me … This might sound harsh … But I don’t value men more than myself…I choose to be celibate.

  5. Man shall not live by bread (physical food) but by the word of God (spiritual energy) Spiritual energy feeds the soul, and there are two kinds of spiritual energy – positive and dark. When you someone involved in negative behavior their soul is being feed dark/negative energy – because they are dark/negative souls.

  6. haha brother im divorced cause she wanted to rule over me and i could not accept that smoke. ive since looked in the church the mosque etc. and found nothing but headaches.

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