“The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”
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12 thoughts on “Got Cancer? 48 hours Left

  1. My entire family is in the medical profession, doctors….nurses…and our specialty is oncology. Let me tell you, chemo begins a slippery slope. First you come into hospital with kidney failure,or heart failure, or so many other crap. Chemo is BAD. If you live to see the cancer cured, you are left with so many other issues. It damages nerves, nearly every organ system. Horrible.

    • +exactly150 I’ve heard someone say it’s so toxic that nurses have to wear special protective clothing when administering it to patients, and that they have to flush the toilet twice when they use it etc.

      Sounds like a horrible poison..

    • Oh yes, definitely.  In some hospitals the nurses have to mix it, which is usually the responsibility of the pharmacy.  You are excused if you are pregnant.  If God forbid it happens to me, throw me in Hospice, leave me alone, absent from the body present with my Lord.

  2. Thank you. I have been watching this 9 part series. Yes I agree. The allopaths, the ama, the fda, big pharma are completely and totally wrong. Their lies and propaganda are disgusting. They manipulate and deceive and its only done for financial revenue.

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