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  1. I think society had been scaremongered into not using compost made from human poo. Why is it ok to put sheep, cow or horse poo on your garden to grow veg and not human poo. Anyone with a high quality diet will have good quality poo that will be at least be as good as that from our animal friends. As long as enough time has passed, or a high compost temperature is reached then humanure should be fine to grow to grow veg as well as use on fruit bushes – just my opinion! Good video too!

  2. Human manure is surprisingly clean – most people imagine it to be an incubator of the most horrible diseases All manures need to be composted, just for safety. There are a couple companies which sell self-contained rapid-composting toilets that run on a 2-week change by using microbes and heat.

    I think many people are put off by the concept, we’re very “out of sight, out of mind” when it comes to our own wastes. But they are nonetheless a valuable (not to mention plentiful) resource.

  3. @TryingTBHumble – True, true. Though the self-composting toilets one can buy do literally “cook” out the pathogens out of humanure. What I mean is that alongside other manure (cow, pig, horse) human manure is relatively clean so long as th person is predominantly vegetarian (as you specified). Meat eaters will have more dangerous stuff coming out of them. Dog/cat manure is generally more dangerous than humanure because of all the parasites. Dung of carnivores also tend to contain heavy metals.

  4. Could you please my dearly beloved brother tell me what did you use to remove the mole on your face that you mentioned in your video.thank you.

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