Michael Rood and Miles Jones uncover the amazing connections between the real Mt. Sinai, recent discoveries of Hebrew manuscripts, and the mysterious history of Messianic scribes now coming to light in this new series called “Beyond Mount Sinai."

In this episode, Miles and Michael discuss the false doctrine of the modern day church and how it devolved from Hebraic foundations to a Greek mindset.

Ron Wyatt and Jim and Penny Caldwell risked their lives blazing a trail of truth across the Saudi desert to discover the real Mt. Sinai.

Today, their discovery is rapidly expanding Biblical understanding and weaving together a prophetic tapestry with ancient documents hidden for centuries in the depths of the Vatican.

Don’t miss another fascinating discussion on this episode of Shabbat Night Live!


21 thoughts on “Greek Doctrine vs. Hebrew Principle (Episode 4 of 4)

  1. 🙌 I advise listening to this series a bunch of times to get every humongous nugget of truth ! ! You can’t get it all with even TWO listenings 🙌

  2. This series has been incredible. Thank you! I look forward to next Friday…..It’s like that proverbial box of chocolates!
    I pray for A Rood Awakening, Michael, staff and guests to your programs. Health Awakening with Dal Bigtree was awesome. I share ARA videos with my Christian friends as well as the “not-so-much” Christian friends. Thank you!

  3. If and when people can see that the word for Law in Hebrew will be Torah as well as so many other words that one can not willfully deny the truth. They will see that we were and continue to be told that the Shabbat is for God’s YHVH’s people who believe and follow Yeshua today.

  4. I really enjoyed this — good historical information. Want to know more, please! Really looking forward to Miles’ book and his/Nehemia’s combined translation of the gospels…

  5. I see that you talk about Jesus, however, help me to understand the prophecy from 1 Chronics 28: 4, in here I read about that Yehovah told king David that he will be the king of Israel for forever, secondly help me with Jeremiah 30:9, in here I read about that King David will be resurrected by Yehovah, thirdly I read in Hosea 3:5 which he talks about King David and finally I read in Ezekiel 34:23 34:23 37:24 37:25 that Yehovah will be our Elohim and David will be our king ….I AM WRONG?

    • +truth chennel
      Part 1 is titled: “The Great Secret From Sinai (Episode 1 of 4)” Part 2 is titled: “Evidence of the Exodus (Episode 2 of 4)” Part 3 is titled: “Patterns , Coincidence or Collusion: Uncovering the Original language of the Gospels (Episode 3 of 4)

  6. Brother Michael, I became a Christian just 2 years ago, aged 45. I love to dig deep in god’s word and have many translations of the bible. I have begun to dig deeper online with the Complete Jewish Bible in English. Can you recommend a good Hebrew to English bible? And how best do I go about observing the Feasts of our Lord as a servant of Yeshua? As this is a whole new world to me, yet I want to commit fully to our Father Yehovah. With love in Yeshua, Ken in UK.

  7. In a word, WOW! I thank Almighty Yahovah God for the great works you two brothers are so dedicated in doing. I am thankful that He answered my prayer many years ago (when I was a very young man of 2,1 now well beyond my youth) that when I read or heard His Word, I would be able to comprehend it and, of course, yield my heart and soul to Him. Had I not been accustomed to eating the meat of His Word, I have no doubt I would be sitting here (while typing this) and still be trying to digest what you both have shared in this series. Thank you for breaking bread (with lots of choice well cooked meat) with us out hear brothers.
      This “new revelation” that the writings of the Hebrew followers of Yahshua were all originally written in Hebrew, coming out now at this precise moment in history immediately after the Shemitah of Shemitahs, is not as Miles said, “a coincidence but a pattern”! It always seemed ludicrous to me even as a goyim. This clearly has “time of restoration” fingerprints all over it. It also seems to have threads from the fabric of Zechariah 8:23 woven into it.
      “This is what Yahovah of Hosts says: “In those days ten men from all the tribes and languages will tightly grasp the robe of a Jewish man, saying, ‘Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.’”

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