Violence, destruction, terror — from public mass shootings to 9-11. Are these the earmarks of the beginning of the time of Jacob’s Trouble…or are we already there?

On this episode of Shabbat Night Live, Michael Rood outlines the events and violent details in episode 6 of “10 Jubilees to the End Time Messianic Age”

Before you watch this series… ask yourself if you are ready to accept that the next year could start the clock on an unstoppable timeline to the end of days!

*Restoring the Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith!*

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8 thoughts on “Gregorian Calendar, Lunar Calendar or Biblical Calendar? (Episode 6) – Shabbat Night Live – 2/3/2017

  1. Great sermon! I have been thinking that the a lot of what is mentioned about the end times is not bound within a 7 year plan. But like i’ve mentioned often, the prophecies are beyond my comprehension.

    Brother, I don’t remember if you’ve commented about this so i’ll ask, what do you think about Revelation 12 great sign appearing in heaven that is rumored to be occurring on September 23 of this year?

  2. High drama!!! May those who work to account for YHWH’s times be Blessed by YHWH!!!
    edit: Just finished the vid. Powerful. Humbling.
    How did the Masons know the correct year, I wonder (though I can guess), and what was the old Mason’s response to learning the true meaning of A.L.

  3. Shalom Michael, would you please clarify concerning the Revelation 12 sign occurring this year on Yom Teruah….. Is the exact alignment of all mentioned constellations in Rev 12 happening this year on Yom Teruah (I thought it was), and is this the first time that all the constellations have aligned since the year of Yeshua’s birth? Thank you!

    • The moon beneath the feet of Bethula is a regular event in the fall, but the conflagration of conjunctions is unique. This verse is speaking of the signs preceding and immediately succeding Yeshua’s birth. Revelation from heaven is required to interpret the signs in the heavens. That is why I spent 7 weeks on this topic – a lot of ignorant talk is going on out there in christen dumb.

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