Here is my Garden I just put in.

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6 thoughts on “Grow Your Own Food

  1. great info. keep telling the truth. I have turned my property into a small produce farm. it’s remarkable how much it produces. having soil knowledge is the key. thanks

  2. Hi Mr.Nison! Thank you for sharing your gardening projects with us! My Mommas favourite flower scent was gardenia!, then roses.Mr.Nison, that is wonderful how you are growing your foods & a very good example for your Daughters <----excellent time for them to work with their Daddy!(I realize you know that,I just wanted to say) I grow several items here in sunny central Arizona, & you just inspired me to grow more. God bless you & yours, in Yeshuas name I pray,praise & thank! Have a wonderful day in our Lord!

  3. You said no excuse well if I sprout any thing in my apartment I’ll be evicted for it my neighbor did because of that my new district manager she not a very nice person

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