There are so many different fruits in the world, this is one you most likely never tasted. You should! Check it out.

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29 thoughts on “Guess what this amazing fruit is.

  1. i live Connecticut and tried a frozen one from a Asian Market it smelled so bad and the texture was thawed out didnt taste so good. think i would need to try it fresh.

  2. Paul, I just wanted to tell you while you were at the durian to just buy them both. then you said ah I’ll just buy them both…..decisions. do you eat non organic persimmons?

  3. I thought Durian smell like rotten eggs. what is the texture and what do it taste like to you. Take care Peace And Love!

  4. I’ve seen this in the Asian market in my area and been tempted to buy, but they are expensive.  Andrew Zimmern said HE of all people didn’t like it calling it “stinky fruit”, and HIM not liking it (considering he loves feces and pig blood) I was scaired away.  But what does he know, he eats feces.  The next time I’m in that market, I’M GOING FOR IT.  THNX!

  5. I love Durian. Headed to the asian market on Monday to get some. All of the frozen ones I have had have been very good. The packaged ones I didnt care for so much.

  6. I love durian! my fiance and I actually buy it fresh from that Asian market you talked about in westminster and they open it for you to make sure it’s good and we have never had a bad one all 10s from there!

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