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6 thoughts on “Hair loss on a Raw Food Diet

  1. Thank you for addressing my comment. I put my daily meals into cronometer and monitor my nutrition and my recent blood test was perfect (for a timespan of vegan diet and raw vegan). My hair used to be thick and long before when I was eating heavy calorie dense foods, and I didn’t’ have hair loss, but other health aspects were poor. I’m a 35 yr old woman, I’ve only been vegan for a year, and transitioned to raw/high raw vegan about 6 months after switching to vegan (many days are fully raw). Perhaps it was the very quick transition into this diet. I went vegan overnight and started to experience some hair loss, and then raw vegan was quick too without much of a transition and now a handful of hair is coming out every day. Before going raw vegan, I barely ate any fruits and vegetables my whole life and was used to a completely different energy source, and now that all my calories are coming from fruits and veggies, my body seems to be in a kind of shock from this change in energy source. I do believe it will get better over time, but maybe if I had gone more slowly with transitioning, it wouldn’t have been so destabilizing for the body. I use kelp noodles and dulse flakes in my salads- I will increase those as well.

  2. Most thorough video on hair loss I’ve heard. One other thing: The herb Ho Shou Wu that’s good for hair quality, thickness, length and color. Maybe for restoration thars harder in truth đź’“ Higher Self Herbs for more info if anyone is interested x

  3. What do you think of Iodine supplementation,Gabriel Cousens, Don Bennett are strong proponents of Iodine supplementaion no matter what the diet is, but especially for raw vegans as we tend to eliminate refined salt and other conventional sources of iodine. Even thouh Sea vegetables are good sources of iodine and other minerals, due to the contaminated oceans across the globe may they may bring about other not so good things with them, what’s your take on this !

  4. Hi another question ! Iv noticed my skin breaking out recently and my skin is always very clear. Could it be from the increase of eating more fruits ? Mangos , figs , grapes , apples , pears

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