What the bible says about Halloween. See this video

There is absolutely no way any other day of the year you would let your children knock on strangers doors, or open your door to people in costumes, and surly not let your children play hangout and play with them. But on this crazy wicked day people don't think twice about letting these things happen. Be warned!!!

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27 thoughts on “Halloween Beware!

  1. Evangelical Christians should be celebrating Reformation day. It was on this day Martin Luther nail his thesis 2 the door of the Catholic Church in 1517 and eventually separated us from a church with false and unbiblical Doctrine

    • To say nothing of the fact that Luther’s ideas didn’t go far enough to “separate us from a church with false unbiblical doctrine.” Protestants still kept Sunday and a lot of the other baggage that had attached itself to biblical beliefs.

    • Steve Penley
      Followers of Christ/Messiah of the Jews, keep the Appointed Feast Days of His Father, that were given not only to to the Nation of Israel (First) but then to the rest of the world, all who would serve the God of Israel YHVH.
      We do not celebrate any man made days. We Serve a living and Jealous God. All we do must give Him Glory, not any man.
      Yeshua/Jesus followed no other religion or man, only His Father YHVH who sent Him as a witness to the Word they had already received, Genesis, The everlasting Law, and the words of the Prophets.

      No organized religion sticks strictly to the Word of YHVH and Yeshua. This is a private choice to serve God the way He has commanded. Very few do. Very few will see the Kingdom of Heaven.

    • Yes, but sadly the apostate evangelicals abondand the reformation. They’ve all signed documents with the pope stating that the protest is over. They’ve all gone back to Rome, the mother of harlot. Even the lutheran church was the first to sign that document. But some of us christians are still protesting. Not everyone is a part of the ecumenisim that you see taking place with the mother of harlots. Rome, and her daughters, apostate protestants.

  2. Any congregation that participates,(in any form or fashion), in the Halloween customs are in violation of the Word of God and the glory will depart from their congregation…

  3. Amein! There are some extremely dark rituals being prepared for this evening. Praying for the children worldwide, today. In particular, those having been taken for ritual purposes.
    Good word..Thank you.

  4. With all due respect, believers need to opt out and keep their light off and not answer the door. Tracts will just get tossed. I’m not going to disrupt an evening and my peace, by participating for the one that *might* get looked at.

    • Jenna Caruthers
      I encourage you to answer the door and tell them the origins of the event they are participating in and that what they’re doing goes against the word of Yahweh.

      We must be a light, shinning in the darkness, so that the lost of God’s people, our brothers and sisters, can find their way.

  5. Shalom brother Paul! tHANK YOU FOR MAKING A STAND!!! I pray the seed of men will have their eyes opened to TRUTH! Come out of her my people! That’s what Yhwh says — do not participate in this world’s wickedness! Be wise, be discerning, be vigilant, and LOVE YAH!

  6. Christians follow Halloween because they are fake and they worship a white Pagan Jesus which is actually a painting of Pope Alexander the third’s nephew a homosexual Caesar Borgia and they follow many Roman Pagan Traditions that they Embrace during the time of Constantine there confused and brainwashed

  7. It’s really sad as you can tell people this until you’re blue in the face, and they will look at you as though you are the crazy one for not participating. I never knew what a trunk or treat was until about a year ago. I immediately thought it was crazy that a church was participating in Halloween. Another church that I used to attend a while ago said they would not celebrate Halloween and I thought that was good. They even held Saturday services but still did Christmas and Easter. People just want to do whatever it is that they want to do and even adults can’t give it up. Some adults would sacrifice their souls and relationships over Helladays. It’s just insane, but some people will only know when once they have completely destroyed their souls.

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