Symbols are very powerful. Cole Davis with On That Day Ministries talks about some of this imagery, and how susceptible our heart are to what our eyes view. And later, Nehemia Gordon and Michael Rood continue on with part 7 of The Karaite Files.

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22 thoughts on “Halloween, Demons, & A Hidden Gospel (with Michael Rood & Nehemia) – Shabbat Night Live – 10/28/16

  1. If my husbands story wins his story was about him but myself as well. Would you send 2 of us together or would it just be 1 that could win contest?

  2. Nehemia is the BEST guest you have ever had on your program(s)!!!! I could sit and listen to you both discussing truth week after week. I have pre-ordered the Karaite Files and look forward to studying it over and over with Albany Torah Fellowship. Please keep having him on your show. So many of your previous guests go on to stab you in the back….I have never heard Nehemia say anything unkind or ugly towards you or what you believe.

  3. Michael rood why did you end the prayer in Yahova’s name instead of Yeshuas name like the NT says to do? Nehemiah thank you for all your help in explaining things to us believers in Messiah.

  4. I recently seen in depth videos about the star of David or seal of Solomon that in Acts and Amos it’s is describe as adopted false idol that all point to the Saturn god, the occult call it seal of Solomon and much more, am asking this question because it’s new of this to me that seems not biblical and wondering the Rood crew or even Nehemia thoughts on this if indeed this is true, thanks shalom.

    • – Rood channel thanks for the response as this as been a more talked about topic recently, I’ve heard from a person that it should be the Menorah to represent Israel not this star so maybe that can be part of the question as well, to the other person that commented I’ve seen that two videos from that channel that are well done using scripture as well as archaeological information to explain why they don’t have any stars like this with their ministry and explain why just like the Easter and Xmas stuff with much respect, thanks shalom.

    • Thanks for the future question of this, I’ve seen the recently 119 ministries video and follow up Q&A video they did of this and that was the first I’ve heard of this subject as well as many I know so look forward to when the question comes up, thanks, Shalom.

  5. Romans 2:28, 29      .For he is not a Jew who is one on the outside, nor is circumcision something on the outside, on the flesh.  But he is a Jew who is one on the inside, and his circumcision is that of the heart by spirit and not by a written code. That person’s praise comes from God, not from people.

  6. Greetings from Aotearoa / New Zealand. Wanting to know if the Hebrew Matthew publication shown at 44:48 is available for download?


  7. Michael…Do you believe that Nehemiah has the Spirit of YAHOVAH, Messiah in you, the hope of glory received at the time of the new birth…since he does NOT believe Yeshua is Messiah or his resurrection, (Romans 10:9,10)? Or do I misunderstand his beliefs?

    • You misunderstand the entire point of this broadcast. Why are you rehashing issues from 2nd grade Sunday school class? We are feeding you absolute treasures… MJR

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