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Happy Hanukkah! This episode of Shabbat Night Live is the official kickoff to a special Hanukkah Weekend.

In this episode (a throwback to A Rood Awakening's Hanukkah 2013 event), Michael Rood reveals the messianic significance of Hanukkah — the feast at which Yeshua performed the ONE miracle that would prove to everyone, beyond a doubt that he was the Messiah (even according to rabbinic understanding).

PLUS – Watch a special interview with A Rood Awakening! International's Director of Partner Relations, Angela Sampson!

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13 thoughts on “Hanukkah: The Revolution Starts Here! Shabbat Night Live 12/23/16 – Michael Rood

  1. Happy Hanukkah! Shabbat Shalom. One question though. I notice at the beginning of the show that there is a focus on the inverted purple triangle on top of the building and Micheal’s daughter is wearing an inverted triangle around her neck. Michael and guests are wearing purple. Can you enlighten the audience to the esoteric meaning behind this?

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