7 thoughts on “Have a Blessed Shabbat and Greetins to Our Friends

    • +Alden Dominguez Please stop quoting scriptures if you don’t have the spiritual discernment to understand parables. This is not about wheat and tares parables its about wolf in sheep’s clothing. The wolf comes to destroy. This is the problem with many people today very shallow in their spiritual understanding.

    • +janice williams JACKASS he was doing SIGN LANGUAGE SINGING to our IMPAIRED people that watch….as our CHILDREN are TAUGHT SIGN LANGUAGE. janice you are a silly ONE!!!

    • +David Roberts I’m silly? you are the one who has joined onto a  group, thinking you can escape the 400 year prophetic curses.  when I see things like this I am reminded of people like ,Jim Jones, Dave Koresh (I think that’s how his name is spelled) and there are many others who deceived people, that all ended in death for people who blindly followed someone who claimed to be their savior.  

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