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I interview a man who living in 60 square feet and talks about why he loves it. Check out Will's youtube channel at

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5 thoughts on “Having Less But Living More

  1. Gym card….cheater cheater pumpkin eater!! LOL Not sustainable if the gyms close due to whatever…just sayin. But he is still very industrious and doing great. Wish I did it when I was young. Very cool.

    • +grace carswell Well its a comfortable solution and he works out there too. And he did mention he had a camping shower to hang on the roof rack. So its all covered! 🙂 Getting clean water if things close down due to whatever would be a bigger problem to anyone without their own springwater.

      Only problem for me with this whole idea is that i wanna be in charge of what i eat, and grow the food my self thats not that easy in a 60 square feet van, besides that its pretty genious.

  2. absolutely perfect lil set up
    u should look into getting a halogen cooker very cheap and seriously powerful would be a great addition to your already great van..

  3. You can come stay at my place! I’m in Hollywood Fl. I’m currently building a toy hauler camper trailer I could use some pointers. I also built a tiny house in my permaculture back yard.

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