Here is the link to get a free access Pass to the Live Cancer Event Starting Oct 14th.

Here are some clips I did with Chris Wark who has a great website
talking about how he beat cancer.

Music by
Music by Joseph Israel


4 thoughts on “He Beat Cancer and So Can You!

  1. Wonderful Mentor! Beautiful Soul is Chris! he gives so much hope and provides simple steps to alternative approaches and also offers us the knowledge for the prevention and killing of cancer cells! I BELIEVE āœŒ
    Thanks, PaulšŸ¤—

  2. My friend was diagnosed with cancer of his pancreas and they cut out the half that was cancerous and his spleen also and he was fine after that as far as we knew. That was almost a yr ago. He’s 81 right now. But they say his cancer is back as they did a ct scan. His stomach hurts very very much. excruciating he says. I encouraged him to keep taking cannabis oil and essential oils but he can hardly eat any food. The Dr told him to go for chemo and radiation but I told him it would kill the good and the bad but I know he is and he’s not doing good and I’m afraid to buy them on anything cuz if something happens to him I’m afraid I might get blamed for whatever happens but I helped him after the first time he had cancer had them taken essential oils cannabis oil trying to eat fairly healthy anyways does anyone have any suggestions what I can maybe tell him to take for pain if there’s anything natural you can take for pain or anything

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