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He Beat Stage 4 Cancer

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16 thoughts on “He Beat Stage 4 Cancer

  1. It doesn’t take a scientist to know raw plants are highly beneficial to the body. Living foods for a living thriving body. I’m curious though how he looks a not chunky as a raw foodist? I also have a good friend that healed through veganism her brain tumor without chemo and radiation.
    Aloha 🌺☮️🙏🏻

  2. Im sitting here eating vegan mac and cheese while I am watching this and feeling very guilty. I know this stuff is bad for you. But I can’t do cheese, yogurt, ice cream, gluten, wheat, citrus, aged or pickled foods, all fruits and veggies I eat must be fresh. I cannot eat nightshades (eggplant, potatoes, red bell pepper) , no beans, onions, tomatoes, and none of the “gums” they put in almost everything, and no processed/preservative/artificial color/artificial flavor. :(. I am practically living on kosher lean meats, rice, and rice cakes.I also frequently do fasting for spiritual reasons. But I only eat one meal a day at dinner.

  3. Life extension turning to stone article says without k2mk7 supplement daily matrix gla protein binds calcium to coronary arteries!! And all arteries!

  4. This guy takes d3 cholicalciferal supplement?

    Did he take ascorbic acid supplement to cure his stage 4 cancer 20 years ago?

    Lemons how many daily did he juice cure stage 4??

    He take K2MK7 supplement daily to dissolves calcification of arteries and organs??
    Thomas levy cardiologist says it’s well known literature that all toxins cause increased interacellular thats how toxins kill..all toxins kill by flooding cells with calcium

  5. I feel like this man got much of his info from Dr Andreas Moritz, I’ve been promoting him for years and I’m glad to see that this man has done his research. God bless everyone.

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