22 thoughts on “Head Covering Sets This Woman Apart!

  1. I have been blessed by being freed from society’s definition of “Beauty”. Instead of spending hours doing my hair, I can now wear it under a scarf, and go out without putting too much emphasis on my outward appearance. And since I stopped doing my hair, I stopped wearing make-up as well. It has made me less concerned with my physical appearance, an more concerned with the condition of my heart and how I treat others. Hope that helps!

  2. actually it is a command..1 cor 11 says that SINCE YHWH gave natural hair its obvious that another covering is in order and then gives the best reason FALLEN ANGELS..a hair and cloth covering show a woman is PROTECTED by YHWH (natural hair) and their husband (cloth covering) selah!

  3. I thought you were supposed to cover your entire hair, not just have on a decorative scarf like the lady in the vid. And makeup and earrings are not modest. She seems to do it mainly for the attention, and all I see is Pride.

  4. You are doing this for Yahuwah and I think it is such a great thing, yes it really sets you apart, and I must admit, after seeing your video I am beginning to question myself now I really dont think there is enough modesty in the world, I think what your doing is a wonderful thing, Yahuwah bless you Sister x

  5. all I see from your comment is judgement, unjust judgement. And no where does it say in the bible to cover your hair, just your head which can be interpreted many ways. But so what if she wears earrings, God doesn’t say it is a sin to wear jewelry.What I saw in the video was a woman who loves God and her husband and also herself enough to respect her own body. And what I saw in your comment was not going to turn anyone’s heart to God but could well turn them away.

  6. I thank Yahweh for this modest lady. May Yeshua anoint, bless, and prosper her and her family, greatly! It is so refreshing to see sincere, Godly, modesty. HaShem will honor such obedience to His Spirit.

  7. what i experienced/noticed from 30 yrs not covering to 5 years of covering. my relationship with hubby greatly improved from my now awareness and intention of daily submission. men do not ogle me like they used to. men used to gawk at me everywhere i went! my husband noticed too, immediately! he was 100% on board from the beginning and loved this aspect. women changed towards me too. they used to be stand offish/intimidated? now they are warm and sisterly. i am GREATLY BLESSED by this.

  8. I have been wearing a head covering for the last two weeks now and I love it. It gives me a sense of freedom from the stress of always doing my hair for vain presentations. My hear is a crown for my husband not for flaunting to the world.

  9. Keep up the head covering videos.   I refer people who want to debate head covering to your videos.   I will never forget the feeling of modesty and love that came over me when I covered my head the first time.   I have been wearing a head covering for 15 years now and have no temptation to take it off.  Thanks for taking this unpopular stance.

  10. It’s ironic how so often women are told by men “religion shouldn’t tell you how to dress or oppress you”, and yet when women choose to dress more modestly for spiritual reasons men tell them “there’s nothing in religion that tell you you have to do that”! Women choose to be modest and/or cover their hair/heads because it’s something they are moved to do in order to bring themselves closer to God. They choose to do it for themselves, for their husbands and for God. It is a form of empowerment. So it would be nice if more men could support them in that.

  11. There are different degrees and expectations of modesty. Some people are criticizing this woman quite harshly and judging her unfairly. You would think she was Nikki Minaj or something. LOL Come on people- have some compassion! She is making a sincere attempt.I would rather my daughter emulate this woman in her quest for modesty than the Kardashians or pop stars.

  12. According to New Covenant statements by Paul it is something that shows the woman(wife) understands and recognizes her place in the marriage. Christ is head of the husband, and the husband as head of the wife -a symbol of authority, and voluntary subjection to her willingness to accept her husbands position that God gives him in the marriage. The woman(wife) should not pray or prophesy without her head covered. I see this as something beautiful that honors our creator and the order of His creation of the Husband and Wife. I am new to understanding it this way, but to me it is a beautiful thing that we can honor God and our husbands with

  13. I think that a lot of Christians think we (women) don’t have to wear a head covering when we pray or prophesy is because they misunderstand what Paul said about it. I misunderstood this for years because I never checked tho original language. Paul said wives SHOULD wear a head covering because it is a symbol of authority..we are under the leadership of our husband and recognize his position as our protector & provider as head over the wife, as Christ is head over the man, and over the church. I used to think that it said we had a natural covering, but this is not the same word as he uses when he says women should wear a covering while praying & prophesying. It seems to me it would be much easier to just wear it all the time rather than have to pull it out of my purse or something every time I want to pray. I am trying to figure out how to do this in a way that my husband won’t criticize (he is not as strong in his faith and unfortunately has a worldly perspective on some things)

  14. I loved this , I’ve been covering my head for a few years . I got away from it for about a year now . However, I have since been convicted to pull my head coverings back out and start wearing them again. Thank you for this encouragement.

  15. I love HER! She is so precious! Thank you for sharing. I love your videos and sharing other’s testimonies on Head Covering, but this one is my favorite. XOXO

  16. Apparently you do not consider the New Testament to be scripture. First Corinthians 11:4-16 specifically requires women to cover their heads, at minimum while praying or prophesying. We couple that with the command to pray without ceasing.

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