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If you have cancer, be encouraged! My guest today, Jillian Gainer, suffered with cancer all over her body and the doctors could not help her. She ate a raw food diet and no longer has any tumors.

“The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”
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28 thoughts on “Healed From Cancer Tumors All Over Her Body!

  1. I haven’t found anybody that just wants to share information, I find they refer you to a site where you can order their plan or diet for a slightly exorbitant fee.

  2. I can only wonder why 6 people disliked this video.  Why in the world would you not appreciate a woman who takes it upon herself to research, and find a way to better her life through nutrition.  Absolutely makes no sense at all. 

  3. God created mankind, we have a amazing body that heals itself. No Doctor does.  We learn about beans and organic fruits and vegetables the different nutrients and give our wonderful sacred  Temples the foods God put here for us.  God Bless you. My sister takes no blood pressure med now or Diabetes from changing her diet. She still eats chicken.

  4. Eat vegetable foods …prevent yourself from Sins…. Every living thing feels as much pain as we feel …. its the worst sin to kill a living being….

  5. It’s cause your not eating the foods that cancer feeds on like refined sugar or gluten or high fructose syrup. You starve the cancer to death, while eating so well that our body gets the nutrients it needs to heal and kill cancer cells. It’s logical.

  6. My Dr recently told me that ‘lifestyle change’ to a plantbased diet would NOT help me lower my blood pressure , and here is this lovely girl curing cancer with it. …just wonderful.

  7. Dr. Budwig writes in Kosmische Kräfte gegen Krebs while discussing “cancerobes” [a term she applied to the worm-like micro-organisms she was surprised to discover in all blood samples she took from over 1000 cancer patients]:

    “With persons who previously suffered from cancer and who feel well again – having even lost their tumors and metastases – after strictly adhering to the oil-protein diet, I’ve observed the following: if they re-change their diet within the first months [after their recovery], such as by eating sausages and cold cuts or eating on a holiday whatever the usual hotel cuisine will serve, all of a sudden, their erythrocytes will be heavily re-infested by these ‘cancerobes’.

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