Liana Werner-Gray is the author of The Earth Diet. In this video she shares her amazing hailing story from Cancer. Her website is

“The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”
Learn more and get the series at this link:


20 thoughts on “Healed From Cancer With The Earth Diet

  1. Great video. I wish I’d have had that sense at her age!

    About 8 years ago they cut my thyroid cancer out. This was probably necessary, the best path at that stage, but, like Liana, I’ve completely transformed my health since then with a minimally processed all plant food diet. For me the path of least resistance is 100% plant based. I put youtube videos up under my name on this subject. I’d be curious what % of calories from animal based food sources Liana would consider to be the max.

  2. Raw foods, juicing and herbs cured my 10+ year manic depression and anxiety and serious alcoholism, all in one year, and all documentd by my local GP. I’ve been living healthilly for 5 years now and will never stop. People are sceptical of all this alternative health talk, as i was, i mean look, it took me 10 freakin years of trying everything, the meds, councelling etc before i took the leap of faith, so be sceptical but don’t lose your common sense. RAW FOODS SAVES LIVES !!

  3. I’d rather have amino acids than protein. Your body takes protein and breaks it down into amino acids, so I’d rather just save it from all that work. Besides, you get plenty of amino acids and proteins from plants and their seeds.

  4. Hi thanks for posting, can you post what she said on what she used. Right after she says salt bath. Cant catch everything as she talks fast with an nice accent that I am not used to. 🙂 thanks

  5. “I did epsom salt baths, I did a lot of juicing (everyday I had juice) and I ate a lot of good raw foods and I drank a lot of tea (lemon “something” tea)” is that it?

  6. a natural but mineral addition to raw food for depression is getting topped up with magnesium. Most folks are deficient and it takes more than your daily diet to fill the depth of such a deficiency. After 3 weeks of mag sulf additions (1-2 tespoons a day) I noticed the clouds that had been over my head for a lifetime were gone. No more wondering when they would swallow up my life for weeks or months at a time! Then you cut back to a high greens drink and that should keep you current.

  7. a wealth of magnesium info at M G WATER . C O M google that +emotion and see what has been known for years but kept from mainstream health practitioners by the “Forces That Be”. Changes can be made, some quite quickly, knowledge is power! Researchers are pleading for a raise in RDA to 900 mg for women and 1200 mg for men but don’t wait for them to get it. This could be life saving info…

  8. So good that you know yourself and trusted to get more advice. The relaxed heart beat was actually a sign I heard that you would know “when” to cut back… When your calcium needs were being challenged by the high dose. Coming from sickness, I and probably Iliana took a while longer to feel that. Lifters usually use up magnesium faster than other folks. You didn’t mention the dose you took and if you are on other meds… you need an advanced detective for this one,

  9. What a load of bull.

    A tumor is not always cancerous.. It sounds more like she was diagnosed with a tumor and that is all. What a whacko. How do you explain a healthy person getting cancerous tumors? Lymphangiomas are benign lymphatic tumors, that have no chance of becoming malignant.

    You are not a Doctor, you are ignorant for trying to encourage people to neglect the advice of their doctor. You are simply a con artist.

  10. Falun Dafa is a cultivation system in the Buddha School, saving people, that is based on the principles of the Universe:

    真 Truthfulness
    善 Compassion
    忍 Forbearance

    It teaches elevation of one’s moral character. Since 1999 it has been brutally persecuted by the CCP in China. Good people are being tortured, raped, killed, force-fed, deprived of sleep and have organs harvested from simply because their spiritual belief. Millions practitioners were killed by the evil CCP.


  11. I love what Liana is doing and the Facebook site is fabulous as I am sure her book is – I will purchase it, yes, but what I want to say is please don’t say she healed from cancer (small c intended) when she didn’t have cancer. This is sensationalism and undermines what she is doing – which is great. It’s not that people haven’t healed from cancer by becoming vegan, it’s just she isn’t one of them. Thanks.

  12. I’m inclined to agree with you – see my comment above. It’s pushing this “Raw Food” philosophy under false claims. Even the astounding and deeply scientific Gerson Therapy which does heal cancers by vegan diet, juices etc., doesn’t have patients eating only salads. They have cooked (vegan) meals and Charlotte clearly explains the reasons behind this also.

  13. What brought me here is reading an article in an Australian newspaper with her claiming the same.. So please don’t be fooled, she is the one who has made those claims.. It is not sensationalism. It is fraud.

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