30 thoughts on “Healed from Multiple Sclerosis! AMAZING

  1. It was very refreshing and encouraging for me to watch this video and listen to this man’s testimony. There are many similarities between his story and mine. I also have a website to help spread the word too! (o:

  2. I am so full of happiness, listening to this video. So much love and hope and intellegence.. The ONLY question that I have is: have there been any recent MRIs done for you, Malik? What were the results? I believe in this diet and what you are doing, but I also want to know what’s going on from inside… Thanks, love and peace.

  3. Love it!! I fired my Dr. years ago also. Your health is in your hands no one else. Nobody will ever take care of you like you. Going against brain washing is lonely but it is so enlightening and refreshing. You are a strong one Sir. Awesome job!!!

  4. I actually agree with what this guy is saying here because I did it also,, change my diet and everything,,, better than taking those meds and being on a wheelchair…. but what ever rolls your boat just do it..

  5. I was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago. I followed different treatments without any success. Then I received stem cells in stem cell treatment clinic in belgrade and it was extremely successful in my case. I can say that I have my life back. I’m extremely satisfied with the results.

  6. Wonderful — a man after my own heart. Nine years ago I had been on crutches for 5 months. I had gone to 4 docs, no one knew what was wrong. I finally diagnosed it myself as advanced Lyme disease — which was verified then by a Lyme specialist MD. IV Rocephin antibiotic was working when they cut me off after 10 weeks due to insurance regulations and told me to come back in a month. Instead I went onto Stephen Buhner’s herbal/nutritional approach which finished my cure — I never went back to the MD.

    Two years ago (at age 71) I was supposed to go into the hospital for stents/by-pass surgery for coronary heart disease. I cancelled the appointment, fired my cardiologist, and followed the nutritional/supplements protocol of nutritionist/MD Dr Thomas Levy. In 18 months I was declared cured.

  7. Respect sir. Also respect : diet, respect : dissing medication. Me too….one small thing. I never realized that you shouldn’t eat kale raw. To do with chemicals destroyed by steaming. (research) I used to eat kale raw.

  8. This makes sense. Thanks for sharing, I’m doing decent after over 5 years diagnosed. Not perfect, but much better than most.. I haven’t cured myself yet, will not buy into Big Pharma and it’s misinformation.. will never give up trying to heal myself!

  9. Thanks for this video pal. All the way through this I agreed with what you said because I was diagnosed with PPMS on the 23rd of Feb 2017 and immediately changed my diet and did away with red meats, Dairy,Trans fays, sugar and all other foods that cause inflammation. My health is much better since and your video is a big boost. Take care sir and keep at it.

  10. Everyone is different some people can have a MS relapse one episode and never have another one again. Dieting is kool and it may relieve the symptoms and make you feel better. But MS is a very deceitful disease. You can have long periods of feeling really good and some days feeling really bad. I have MS and I take meds and eat right. And I pray to God that one day it will all go away.

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