Today my friend Suzy Hoseus talks about her new book about healing Bipolar and other mental illnesses with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Suzy just wrote a book about it that you can get at her website


14 thoughts on “Healing Bipolar Disorder with the Raw Diet #250

  1. She needs a better cam. I’ve already cured both my agoraphobia and panic attacks. Its been 1 year since my last panic attack and i just to have them just by thinking a stressful thought. Raw Foods cured me. =^-^=

  2. I’ve been suffering bi-polar for 27 years. I have been on the raw vegan diet for 2 weeks and feel amazing already! mood-swings are gone, I feel so much happier!

  3. The raw diet does work for balancing mood. Very little anxiety anymore. I used to feel suicidal ALOT and had the mood swings and anger and constant anxiety. I have a gluten (wheat) intorerence and major candida overgrowth. I went on a gluten free diet mostly raw food low-fat (mainly fruits and vegetables) lifestyle only weeks ago and feel MUCH BETTER. IT WORKS!!!!!

    • Louise MN same here gluten free u have to do with the vegan diet . thas what people dont understand. Gluten causes anxiety depression and inflammation i learned myself as a sufferer

  4. I went on a raw food diet. 2 years in I had a bipolar depressive episode so bad I ended up in the hospital. while I still believe raw food is a very healthy lifestyle choice, there is a time and place for medical science as well. if I stopped my meds now ( and I have several times) I will not be able to sleep for weeks on end. The depression will return with a vengeance, and the hospital is inevitable.

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