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In part 4 Dr. Coldwell talks about how maintaining energy and avoiding stress is the key to avoiding cancer and all other diseases


13 thoughts on “Healing Disease, It’s all about energy with Dr. Leonard Coldwell part 4

  1. Wow now we have to wait till next week. : )
    It’s all good I like this series and gives me something to look for when I get home.
    This is a fascinating man. Have his website bookmarked and see he does lectures.

  2. These videos are the TRUTH.

    It breaks my heart when people around me, loose parts of their body in surgery, get cancer, continually get sick and so on. Most have been brainwashed to hand over all decision making to the medical establishment. I get accused of being extremist, yet I don’t get sick.

    I wish this stuff would go main stream, but unfortunately there is too much money to be lost for those that manage disease.

    I’m very exited by all this, yet sad and frustrated at the progress.

  3. All cancers are caused by the build up and concentration of toxins in the tissues where the cancer is found. Very accurately portrayed in this short video.

  4. no – the reason why people are stressed or low energy is because the thyroid, adrenals , pituitary glands etc.. have metal accumulation . creating a very yin environment – thi smake s the bodies abilty to detoxify daily diminsihed- low thyroid – means depression , poor stress response – and thus the downhill cycle begins –

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